My Shocker Story

I went out with my x boyfriend (well say his name is Luke) for three years. He didn’t really treat me very nicely the whole time but I was already miserable from past experiences so I just stupidly let it all happen. And he seemed like he was starting to get better. He lied, he cheated on me, he stole from shops houses and even my own family but we had no proof of much so I just let it go.
He never hit me but he would call me names and just take off for days and wouldn’t text or ring me. Most the time I was worried he was dead in a ditch somewhere only to find out he just didn’t wanna come home .but he didn’t care so we were discussing a break up anyway.
But the real shocker that no one saw coming was, on Easter I got a phone call from my someone very close to me saying that she had found out that he had been sexually abuse her child (a 3 year old boy)
She came a picked me up and asked her oldest child a few questions to revel that her oldest daughter had been abuses by him as well.
So we called the police on the matter and they were on it right away
Child support people got involved and talked to the third child (6 year old boy) who lived with his father far away to revel he had done even more to him before he moved away.
so for at least 2 years he was sexually abusing 3 children that were a big part of my life and I didn’t know
The things that the children stated were so shocking, things like “I screamed for help and you didn’t come”
“He told me he would buy me things if I didn’t tell and I will go to jail if I do tell”
The three yea old boy is who accidently told us what happened one night buy asking if his sister plays the diddle game with Luke like he does. Luke did everything humanly possible that an adult would so in a sexual relationship with another adult. I cant really say much more details until the court hearing is over it is going to take 2 years for it to even begin . We have since found out that Luke was already on police file as a paedophile before I meet him he was 17 when we started dating. So there are at least for children that I know of that he has ruined the lives of maybe even more
The children are all in counselling which will hopefully get them the help they need. I fell for them most. thinking of how much they suffered is some of what keeps me awake at night I was keeping myself awake until I couldn’t hold my head up the whole thing. has turned my world upside down and I find it hard to trust anyone its ruined me completely and I have sleepless nights and I cry myself to sleep a lot, I have to put on a brave face most the time and don’t really know how to cope I was already in a bad place before Luke got found out and now its just gotten 10 times worse.
Don’t have a lot of good support thought this but I guess it’s hard for others to know how to help. And im very lonely although I have my dog to keep me company
jayandbagel jayandbagel
Jul 15, 2010