Downhill Fast

It was a normal Sunday I got up went to work did some lifeguarding, supervised a party then started teaching swimming. That’s when things went bad I was covering a swimming teacher she was on holiday and she gave me a note of what to do with them and instructions on the naughty float that she said I must use.
The 4:00 class was hard there were 2 new children in the class that I did not know about. They could not swim and weren’t that confidant in the water. I had asked the class to run from the steps up to the other end, one of the boys dads was next to me I can’t remember who, when the new children’s mum then yells at me they can’t swim you know. I said we are not swimming yet I just asked them to run to the other end and the dad next to me also said to her she only asked them to run. The other children were very uncontrollable and when I used the naughty float like Geraldine told me to she yelled at me again, but it wasn’t her children on the float. She said that you shouldn’t do that, it doesn’t show any discipline. There was a mum in the pool with her daughter and she said told me that the class is always like this. There were 7 in the class including the new children I did let all parents and children know that Geraldine was away and I was cover. At the end of the lesson when I was making sure the children were with an adult most of the parents said how well I had done with that class. When I finished all the lessons the receptionist Rachel said that she had a complaint from the new children’s mum. She said is the class always that unruly and why is the naughty float used? She was rely having a go at me and now I’m scared I’m going to get told off for not keeping control of the class or something. This has been one of the WORST DAYS EVER!!!!! I’m only 17 and it was my 2nd time teaching.
dorsetgirl dorsetgirl
18-21, F
May 6, 2012