I Lost My Photos And Videos Of When I Was 12

When I was 12, i got my first laptop computer on Christmas 2008. I was so excited and used photo booth right away. I took the greatest pictures and videos that words alone cannot describe the awesomeness.  Seriously, you have no idea..  Then 1 year later on March 25, 2010, tragedy struck.  my computer got the kernel panic, or in other words, it crashed.  that was truly the worst day of my life.  my 12 year old memories, those good times, gone.  It probably sounds pretty pathetic to you but for me it was like losing a close friend or a family member.  I tried numerous times to restart it but that did no good.  That had always been my worst nightmare, losing those memories.  And that nightmare has come true.  I cried for the rest of the day.  I still think about them even to this day.  sure i still have more good memories after that but nothing can EVER beat my 12 year old life.  The quote "You don't know what you have till its gone" doesn't necessarily apply here cuz I knew it was awzum.  I wish i could go back in time so i could see those incredible memories again...

I just wanted to get all that off of my chest. But if my dogs or anyone dies, those days will be far worse because they are basically my life and my backup happiness..
idiotoftheyear37 idiotoftheyear37
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013