I have type I juvenile diabetes and I have been on an insulin pump for almost 3 yrs now. I put in a new site injection on Sat. evening and I woke up around 5 a.m. Sun. feeling pretty crappy and really tired.So I get up and check my blood sugar and it is 552!!!!!!(Supposed to be 89-150)YIKES! So I figure I'll fix it at home and I give myself a bolus of insulin and check an hr later and it was 538,so ,I think,yeah baby! You can make your sugar go back down....My blood meter started to read HI,which means my meter can't read sugars over 600.This whole time (5-6 hrs) I'd been pumping insulin and checking my sugar and nothing is working and I am physically getting worse and worse. My husband said this is enough,you need to get to the ER.So he takes me and my lab works come back and I was in DKA (Diabetic Keto-acidosis) which is toxic levels of sugar in your body/bloodstream. Your body basically starts attacking itself.So you can imagine how ****** I was feeling. Anyways, I was admitted and sent to ICU until they got things back under control.My injection site wasn't working.So,I injected myself on a different place on my tummy yesterday evening and it worked!This whole time I had been stressed out about missing my Dentist appt. today at 11 am because my teeth/gums have been killing me for months. So I REALLY did not want to have to reschedule plus I am afraid of the dentist.So my Doc turned up at 7:30 this morning to let me out for my appt. I got home took a boiling shower (hospitals are DISGUSTING!) and made it to the damn Dentist for him to tell me he is sending me to an oral surgeon because all 4 of my wisdom teeth have to be removed!! The entire time I was in the ICU was horrible because their are NO phones in the cubbyhole rooms. I couldn't talk to my hubby or son,plus they couldn't come visit because he is six and wasn't allowed back in the icu.For two days I was awfully lonely.But the good thing I guess is that I realized how much things I REALLY take for granted. I am soo glad to be back home. Family,shower,clean bed,good food and soo many other good things too!!Sorry! That was a long one.Peace ,J
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Ha ha!! That is THE only reason I made the f'n appointment.PAIN. My whole mouth is suffering.Stupid dentists. Peace,J

I blame your dentist...for everything. It's fun to do that. **** your wisdom teeth- my dentist told me ten years ago to have mine pulled and they still haven't come out. I told him I'm not doing anything unless it's causing me pain. Dentists are just sadistic med-school drop-outs! heh...j/k to any dentists reading out there. I'll be in for my checkup next month, I swear...

OMG...You are sooo blessed to be sitting here right now! You're a trooper for sure!