The worst punishment that I can remember is one day I was being a brat all day two my grandma, then my aunt, and then my best friends mom, and the my mom, and my dad.

So I spent the night at my grandmas house morning I was a brat she ward me a few time to stop or I was going to get the cane of course didn't listen so she sent be out side two get a stick she told me to get any side I want I didn't know what hurt the most or least I just know my mom told me how it hurts really bad. My grandma usually just gave me a open hand bare bottom spanking so silly me I got this really thin tree branch my grandma said this is going to hurt I bent over the railing out side were all her neighbors could see and hear me she gave me 15 wakes with it it hurt so bad.

We'll my my aunt can over two baby sit me while my grandma was going to the store for the rest of the time tell my parents Got home well that caning apparently wasn't enough I kept running my mouth and told my aunt what my gram did a said something rude about her my aunt slapped me across the mouth I left a hand print on my cheek then she put me over her knee and gave me a open hand bare bottom spanking know my 4$$ hurt so bad my aunt then drove me to my friends house
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Hi Courtney. Please add me if you would like to chat more about your punishments.