It Was Mostly Hellish

The worst year of my life was most certainly 1998.  I nearly died from falling 20 feet onto concrete, had to move out of my house 2 weeks later after my roommates set it on fire, had my first major manic episode that fall, and during that episode had my house flooded out by 4 feet of water during a major flood in San Marcos.  What a year.  I will have stories coming for all of these occurences...oh and one month into 1999 my oldest brother was killed in a car accident....

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Oh good i'm happy things haven't continued in th same trend for you.

perhaps it was cursed delightfulbabe...I have written other stories about these events...I don't usually believe people when they tell me things like this, I often think they are making up things to get attention but I can promise you that all these things (and more) happened to me in that period of time. Good thing life's gotten better!

Wow, I hope the years since have been kinder to you. 1998 I think was a bad year in general, I don't know anyone who thinks it was good. Maybe it was cursed?