My mother has always been big on making us bring her (fetch) the implement she is going to spank us with :-(    Usually we have to take of pants or skirts then go to the kitchen drawer for the wood spoon or our bedrooms for the  hairbrush or her room to get one of daddy's belts.  Walking around like that in panties/underpants is bad enough but sometimes we have to do it bare bottomed.
  We always get spanked bare bottom so even when I fetch the spanking tool in my panties I know they will be coming down as soon as I had it over :-(

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That's a good idea!

Love your accounts Marzi. Would love to chat sometime, and share experiences; mine being those of an often disciplined naughty boy.

Kayleen, only "FUN" hairbrush experience was once when my sister Abbi was 15 and Mom sent her to fetch the brush. Abbi was petrified, claiming "I didn't DO anything!" as she went upstairs to bring back the spanking hairbrush.
Abbi was crying and red-faced, pleading, "Momma please I've been good!" and suddenly Mom started laughing and said, "I know. Sorry! I just wanted to brush my hair!"
We all had a good laugh except Abbi who just whimpered in relief.

Yes spanking requires total obedience. Being sent to get the implement is part of the punishment.

my dad was big on having us get the 'implement' too

Having to get the thing that's about to spank your bare behind is tough!

Having to get the hairbrush and get ready was terrible. I'm surprised I never had to go ahead and spank myself too. :(

Ack! Having to fetch the implement you are to be spanked with was never any fun! I hated it, never wanted to touch that evil leather belt Sorry you had to get it while you were only in your underwear. :(

all part of the humiliation of spanking

<p>I had to bare my bottom, then go and fetch the martinet, too, and sometimes wait five minutes, for my father to take it and start the punishment.</P>

martinet? whip?

A martinet is a little whip with a wooden handle and a dozen of thin leather lashes.

okay, i guessed it was some kind of 'implement' Tx

mama sent me to 'fetch' the paddle this weekend. word to the wise, though we should be old enough to know it -- don't argue and jeez do not say the F word when they ask. next thing i knew my bare already belt thrashed butt was in the bathroom with a bar of soap in my mouth and then off to her room for the paddle... i totally feel your pain marzi. <br />

i hate to have to go get the spoon. My mom lectures me an then says to go get her the spoon an bring it to her. and im thinking inside my head..but mom u walked by it on your way to spank me why didnt u just get it yourself:) but i dont say that to her.

You guys are so lucky to be spanked. I rarely got spanked. Even if I did I would always get 80 to 150 times. Otherwise I was beat everywhere by my ******* dead with a stick, belt, etc. Anythings in his hands. Well finally I decided I had enough of my dads cruel treatment and left home at 18 so there you go... People who think spanking with a hairbrush was torture. You people only get your backsides tanned red while I got bruises and broken bones

my father did beatings, too. I still have the scars to show for it.

Helen, you do sound like my parents! Embarrassment is part of being punished and bare bottomed spankings are the main punishment. And it sounds like you personally know the "doom" of fetching the spanking tool? And u mention spanking all in front of each other - which I hate - specially watching and waiting 4 my turn!<br />
<br />

I never had to get the spanking item while wearing just panties that is so embarrrsing sometimes daddy would tell me to go to his room get his strap and be laying over his bed in just panties and top and be waiting for him i was so scared and once i wasn't doing as i was told and i got another spanking a few hours latter right before bedtime

I forgot. If you did as you were told in the first place - Mothers and fathers ARE NOT ogres, you wouldn't need to get the hairbrush so She could spank you with it. AND I hope that She did a really good job.

The fetching is a part of the punishment. Mine brought the caneand/or strap, depending on what I decided they need (read here: punishment to fit the crime) and made them ALL oil tthe starp and cane too. To fetch either was a form of making them feel the "doom" that awaited. I would never change my mind. If I said they were to be thrashed, they were. I would tell one to get the implement/s and wait naked by their bed straight after the nightly bath. If I have to punish others, well, the subsequent one/s would stand and wait their turn ....... and yes they heard what was happening and it made it worse for them.<br />
<br />
Obviously I thrashed the worst one last. They have to learn ad if they can't do it the easy way, then they WILL learn the hard way.<br />
<br />
Let me tell you it was no fun for me either. Stil ..........

Fetching always sucked! Fortunately it wasn't a regular part of our family's routine but it did happen sometimes. Never wanted to find the implement (hairbrush or wooden spoon usually) and get back to my spanking in a hurry but didn't want to accidentally run into one of my sisters while looking for it either especially if my pants were already down!! On reflection I was lucky it only happened occasionally I guess!!

Fetching is awful. Would love to share hairbrush experiences.<br />

You are so right. Usually I got hand spanked before