Get The Brush Young Lady

Those words from my mom was dreaded by me when I was growing up. The brush she was talking about was a old large oval hairbrush. I never saw my mom brush her hair with it but she used it on our bare butts a lot. That evil brush stung so much as it connected with bare flesh.
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Pretty much everything stings on a bare butt. Even worse than the brush was the belt. But none of them were preferred, HATED having to drop pants and panties when ordered, knowing what was coming.

The brush packs so much sting for such a small implement. It seems like every mom had one handy when I was a kid.

When I was a kid I would look at the hairbrush sitting on the vanity in the bathroom or another one on my mom's dresser. They seemed so passive and harmless but when my mom had me face down, pants down across her lap for a spanking with one of those hairbrushes it felt like my hiney was on fire!

Oh the ouchies a hairbrush creates on a bare bottom

Lauren I know what you mean about how much the brush stung - it felt like my hiney was on fire when my mom spanked me with the hairbrush.

Never had to go fetch an implement to be spanked with. (Though I've had a few naughty GFs do that as a prelude to their discipline as an adult...but that's different. :D )

Though I can appreciate how intimidating it must have been.

Lauren that sounds like one brush I would not want to encounter,must of hurt t like so so bad ty for story: ) spnkbooty

We never had to fetch Mom's hairbrush, but had much the same feeling when the words "young lady" were used when we were told to get upstairs(!) or were taken by the arm and marched up there. Her brush was also an old large oval shaped brush. Hated that darn thing, but we had a great upbringing with wonderful supportive parents and grandparents.

Shiver - I know the feeling but I never had to fetch it. Would love to chat about hairbrush experiences. Do you have yahoo messenger?

Very effective on the female bottom.

Tried to add you, no go.

I know the feeling..... "take your skirt/jeans off Missy!" followed by "Now go and fetch me the spanking spoon (or hairbrush)"....knowing my panties would be pulled down and I'd end up bawling and kicking - even as a teen!<br />
Love 2 share more...<br />
<br />

Do you still get the razor strap or belt, Marzi?

It sure ranks up there with You are getting a good spanking tonight for that...

It never felt like a "good" spanking to me.

Mommy tries to be positive...

I'm sure your mommy only gives you what you need and deserve :)


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sounds like same kinda brush that mammy uses on me and my sisters when we r bad!!