anytime i got spanked with the hairbrush mom would make me go get it after she spanked me with her hand...
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My sister got the hairbrush a lot.

dont you just hate that when iwas kid i had to go with pants underware at ankels mom pull them down an told me fetch brush an back for spanking

Do you like it when it happens?

some times yes more so later on in teens

My mom uses a brush and yeah sometimes I have to get it for her. I'm 15.

Did You *** from it?

i think you deserve that spankings

Thats good, she was right to make you fetch it, and I hope you were bare when she made you fetch it

We're you ever caught grinding

hi can you add me so we can talk. spankings are used a lot in our house

I had to bring my spanker a paddle often, I hated that.

Hi amanda I always hated the hairbrush! Add me please

So you should young lady - I make my daughters bring it before they get spanked then put it away after their spankings.

YES, that is great discipline to bring you the tool and then to put it away or get more.

My dad used to make me cut my own switch, that sucked

Yes that is part of the punishment having to go and fetch it feeling that hard polished piece of wood in your hand knowing it would soon be bouncing of your bottom. Shear dread. Bet it put you in your place though and made you sorry.

Would love to talk, would you consider adding me?

Always a good combo. Tried to add you, no luck.

I think that is perfect, it lets hercoll off a bit before the serious spanking begins. Its also the best time for you to apologise and hope for mursy.

my disiplinaraine often asks me to fetch her the bath brush when due a beating i also have to undo my trousers and lower my pants to go over her knee i still kick and howl when thrashed hard with the brush exacatly how i used to when mum disiplined me but know i sometimes have little accidents on her knee due to all the wriggling ! get a sound switching when i do this! buts thats another story ps going to get a hairbrush spanking very soon today! better go!!!!

soundly spanked bare OTK with hairbrush its not just for girls/women have been there! and still get it!

Then what!? Add me ;)

i also had to fetch my mum what she called the spanking brush! from her dressing table she had two one for her hair and one for my bottom! on the handle it had a red sticker! to match what would be my red bottom!

Hi amanda would love for you to add me

i never used the brush only my hand and if they was very bad i had a small paddle and i would warm the butts 1st with my hand and then give them a good paddling

Hairbrushes are for girls, the switch and belt for men.

I wish you had told that to my mom years ago. There were several instances where I found myself face down, pants down across her lap for a good dose of the hairbrush. She lit up my hiney like fireworks on the 4th of July!

do you know my mum thats what she thinks belt and cane for bad boys

Id take a belt before a hair brush any day! The belt has speed but the brush has impact and no flex.

I'll tell you this miss sassy, the fiery lines of the switch would set your feet upon the straight and narrow path. Maybe if your mom administered a real licking for once, you wouldn't need any others.

Dose your mom still spank you when you need it

Mom never made us go get whatever she was using. She had the paddle at the ready in the house but either it or the hairbrush travelled with us when we went out.

My wife also got it with the hairbrush. No hand spankings in her house! It was always with the hairbrush and always with her underpants down, over her mom's knee. I've also given her plenty of hairbrush spankings and I can attest that the hairbrush is a near-perfect implement for spanking punishments. Please keep telling us your history, Amdanda.

My mom always had the hairbrush in her hand when she came in to give me a spanking. All she did was pull down my pants and undies, yank me across her lap and then paddle my bare hiney with that hairbrush till it felt like it was on fire.

Please add me, I have lots to share :-)

Good for mom using the hairbrush on your behine after the hand spanking. Did you have a hard time sitting down?

Yes - always. Mom used one or the other depending on wherever we were - but Jesus on the road on Easter morning - it DAMN well hurt and I didn't feel like sitting down afterwards.

I had to bring moms brush too, with my pants and panties off, after I got my warmup spanks.

It was bad enough getting spanked in front of others like if we had company I was so
embarrassed but I had to obey my mom and she always thought it was good me and my brother to get our spankings in front of our friends and company. That way we would think before acting up and embarrassing our parents

Spanking in front friends and company is by no means unusual where I stay. You should just accept your mothers wishes and present your bottom for your punishment and thank your mother after the event.

I was never spanked in front of ppl besides my sisters, but I've been spanked where family could here everything. I'm sorry your mom put you through all that, I couldn't imagine how embarrassing that must have been.

My mom was an on-the-spot spanker. If we misbehaved and we had company, she thought nothing of spanking us in front of them. We were then usually put right to bed afterward. It was one of the most embarrassing times of my childhood - but for the kids, not the adults.

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When I was ten I stared getting spanked with the paddle. It always hung on our dinning room wall. Since it was on display all my and my brothers friends knew we got spanked with it and many times we were spanked bare bottom otk of our parents with our friends watching. we had to fetch the paddle before we were bared. We did have to walk bare bottom to the corner after our spankings and if we tried to cover ourselves with our hands we got a 2nd spanking after our corner time. So we were very careful to keep our hands at our side when walking to and from the corner. Our parents kept the paddle hanging in the dining room all through high school and college and if asked our parents were very forthcoming telling our friends we were still spanked with it. By the time we were 16 my mom agreed our friends and family would no longer see us get spanked. We were spanked in the den which only had a thin pocket door so our spankings could still be heard in the main part of the house.

Interesting were you the only girl?

yes, and my brother was 13 months younger than me. do you have brothers and sisters?

Yea a sister 1 1/2 years older.

I know you spank your children with a paddle. Do you use the very same paddle on your kids as was used on you? In other words did you get to inherit your family spanking paddle, or is it still hanging up at your parents house? If it is still, there did you ever need to use it on your own kids while your family was visiting? Have you ever considered using a hairbrush for spankings instead of a paddle? Do you remember your very first paddling, and if so, could you describe it?

I don't remember my first paddling but know it was when I was 10. This was the age mom decided I should now be spanked with a paddle by mom. She said it was hurting her hand to spank me hard enough to bring me to full tears. I would cry quickly when the paddle became my spanking implement. Mom did use the hairbrush. The original paddle is still in use by mom for the grandchildren

Yes she does still spank them and they love her very much

Yes they both have a healthy respect for her spanking abilities

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My mother did that too. Is your mother from Ireland?

Yeah fetching sucked! especially if the spanking had already started and just been paused for the implement to be retrieved!

Did you have to do the fetching bare?

i got a lot of spankings but never the brush i missed that one

Jvcs - if you never got it,you didn't miss anything, believe me. Consider yourself lucky in that instance.

Sad day