The Dreaded Brush!

I had to fetch the brush once when I was 11. My father asked me and my sister if we had done our homework. Even though we did not, we said yes, thinking we could do it later that day. Dad did not believe us, and told us to bring it to him. We went to our rooms. I took an old worksheet. My sister did that as well. We both handed it to dad. We got off! I thought. I thought too early, because dad's eyes narrowed. My heart dropped. He gave us the worksheet, and asked us what was the date. We told him. Then he pointed at the dates on the worksheets. They were from 2 or 3 weeks earlier!

I suddenly knew what was going to happen. A double spanking! One for lying, and one for not doing our homework! My heart started pounding. Since this was the summer, me and my sister May were both wearing skirts. My father let us into the living room, and sat on the couch. Then he pulled me over his lap for a hand spanking while my sister stood there, wide eyed. He pulled my skirt up, and my panties down. He began lecturing me.
"June! How dare you lie to me?! You did not do your homework, and now you lie! I am so very disappointed! etc." Then he started spanking.

WHAK! WHAK! WHAK! I could feel my bottom going from white to red. It stung so much! "OW!stOPPleaSEIMsoRRY!
"You'll be even more sorry in a minute!" dad said. He was right. OW OW OW When he gave me 20, he finally let me up. Although it stung, I was kinda relieved that it was over. Until... " Go get them hairbrush, June" He said. I started crying again, but I went to get the brush. I handed him the dreaded brush, and dad pulled me back over his lap.
"Please! Not the brush daddy!"
He started spanking my butt. "OUCHDADDYSTOPOWW" I screamed. I was burning my thighs and sit-spots. He was setting my butt on FIRE! When he was done, I was finally let up. I ran and jumped, trying to rid my butt of the burn. Dad directed my to a corner in the living room, and I stood thir, facing the wall with no skirt or panties, and I was not allowed to rub. I also had to hear my sister getting it, and screaming.

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I am glad you daddy asked you to bring him the hairbrush. That was good for you. I hope your mom watch him spank you. I had to bring a ping pong paddle.

Vivid account how old were you still feeling the brush?

Double punishment - for lying and not doing homework. I remember a similar situation when I was 10. I disobeyed my mom and then lied to her about where I had gone.

First she washed my mouth out with soap for lying to her, then she have me a spanking with the hairbrush on my bare hiney for disobeying her.

Ya. Mom sometimes used the mouth washing. Hated it.

Hi prettygirl3579, Well....,after reading your story. It seemed to me, that you did need that OTK Spanking.
What about Now a days?,ever feel like you need one?.

Just Curious?.

not really. I am currently on vacation for a month and a half, so no parents!

Good story sounds like you were asking for it
Please add me :)

You got taught a good lesson.

I caught the brush only once or twice, but underpants on. Mom caught me with a pair of my two baby brothers' plastic pants once, made me put them on, and wooden-spooned me good on them. That really stung over the plastic. But getting it bare-bottomed, panties down(yours anyway,lol) that's tough.

Oh, yeah; the hairbrush can certainly elicit some screams and blubbering and lots of kicking and squirming. Sorry you had to get that punishment but, it seems, you certainly deserved it. And, certainly, you had to know it would happen given your family history.

Sorry you had to get it.
As a dad I would have done the same thing. Lying about not doing homework is one of those things that practically guarantees a spanking.
Did you ever lie about doing your homework again?

No, but my sister May did. She was spanked again, except this time dad used his leather belt!

A good lesson on not telling lies! I know the feeling, caught in a lie always meant a double dose, usually with Daddy's belt after a hand spanking from Mom.
At least U were "lucky" enough to get it oldest, when spanked with one or both of my sisters, I always get it last.....having to stand and watch and hear the spanking and bawling - knowing I'm going to get it .....YUCK!

I was spanked a couple times last, too, when I was being spanked with my younger cousins, Jane and Jenna. Being spanked first also had a few disadvantages. First, if u were spanked last, u at least know about how many "whacks" u r getting. When u r spanked first, u have no idea...
Have u ever been spanked first?

A couple times at my Aunts' houses when spanked with cousins I'd be spanked first.....true it's kinda shocking to get it one's sure how bad it will be until the first gets it....but we are usually spanking hard and long no matter what, until bawling etc.....not like a certain number of strokes. yours?

Wow vivid account. Thanks for writing it.

How old were the two of you?

I was 11. My sister was 12 or 13.