My Step-son Was Killed

My step-son was shot and killed while attending his friends 18th birthday party. I was out of town with a new job when this happened. I was not there when the doorbell rung at 2am. If I only had not wanted to change jobs and been there this may not have happened. It's my fault he died. I live with this quilt everyday. 
Sorriso Sorriso
46-50, M
6 Responses Jun 7, 2007

My most sincere sorrow for your losss. It is easy to blame yourself but it is very unhealthy and misguided. Misplaced blame and aggression will wear you down to the point you are not any benefit to yourself or your surviving family. I cannot imagine a tragedy like yours happening to me, but anyone is vulnerable. Being strong enough to get up and move forward with your life is the best testimony for the value of your loss.

No you shouldn't say that. What God wants is what God going to do. It wasn't your fault, It was purely fate. You could've been there and he would've got shot. It would have never been in your hands and would never be. Not burden yourself beyond your power.

im crying for you at this moment. my heart goes out to you. any blame should be placed squarely on the person who pulled the trigger.

In no way was it your fault! I am so sorry to hear what happened. Life is very unjust at times, but in no way should you blame yourself. you had no way of knowing!

I don't think it was your fault. You could have no way have known what was going to happen. I am very sorry for your loss.

what a nightmare - i am so sorry.