Getting Expensive Here

My daughter has a problem with cell phones. They either break or get stolen or lost. We finally gave in, the X and I, and split the cost of the phone she had begged for, the sidekick. It was about $200 and it makes texting so cool! (or so I've been told) Well she did pretty good at keeping up with it until... and it wasn't her fault at all, my three year old sat on it and... ready for this... he wet his pull up and apparently his little manhood was sticking out the side. Yep, peed on the phone and that be the end of that.

Buying yet another phone.... AAUUGGHH!

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My first cell phone was a slender little thing that fit nicely in pockets of my nursing outfit. Soon after getting it, we did not have to wear nursing uniforms and I began to use street clothes with larger pockets. The second day into this new clothing event, I bent over to flush the low rise toilet at our office, and the phone took a dive from the big shirt pocket. It could have won an olympic award for form and precision, right down the hole, and to far to be reached!!. Yep, I had to get another phone and the company had to get an expert with lines that any angler would covet!!<br />
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LMAO... all I can say is AAUUGGHH!!

Is the PeePhone going to be a marketing tactic?<br />
I can see it all now..."forget the IPod, get a PeePhone guaranteed to be male infant proofed. We have tried it with 1,000 babies under age 2. <br />
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Ha, I loved your story. Sorry about the extra cash you will be using. When you go to get your phone ask them with a straight face for a PeePhone!<br />
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