I Love Her

My last story here I wrote that someone loved me I could not love back.Well I am here to take that back.

For thirty-five years I have roamed the country working in construction.In those years I have seen and done some wild things.Some I did with my wife others on my own.Having been separated form my wife for a while I figured to continue on without any interference.

Until the waitress came along.When I first met the waitress it was at her job as I did my drinking at the place she worked.We were friendly in a distant way and I had no idea she wanted me.One evening I went in for a few drinks and she fell on me with a declaration of love.

I fought, I raged,I denied it,I thought of reasons I did not want to be with her.Yes I wanted her sexually as she truly is a beautiful woman.Through all of my denial,through all of my ranting about being free,through all of my talking about going,she calmly stayed by my side loving me.

Shortly before Christmas I became ill.I woke up feeling bad and slept most of the day.The following morning when I woke up I could not see.My eyesight was crooked and I had no depth perception.I went to a clinic here and got some medicine.By the third morning I was so sick I was hospitalized.My temperature was 104,I was dehydrated and I had not eaten in three days.The doctors worked on me and I had IVs pumping into me.This entire time whenever I woke enough into consciousness she was there.

With my wife here to see me to discuss our situation I went to her hotel one evening.In jumping up from my chair I fell hitting my head and was taken back to the hospital.When I woke up after a few hours my waitress was there.My wife had not been allowed to stay as apparently she had caused a scene.This visit to me had cost her her job as she ran to the hospital in the middle of her shift.Again I drifted in and out but she never left me.She was able to tell the doctor what he needed to know to treat me.The doctor told me later I might very well have died had it not been for her.

Again I got out of the hospital but I still had twenty-four hour care as my sweet little woman watched me night and day.She made sure I took my medicine and took care of every little detail.I started to get a little better when New Years Day my fever got worse again.(I hope I'm keeping these events in the right order but things have been pretty blurry to me.)Back to the emergency room.Without her there I don't know what I would have done,she convinced the doctor to give me something  and back home we went with more medicine.She has taken me to all of my appointments and watched over me with all the loving care in the world.

I still have a fever and my eyesight is not good yet but have been able to visit with some of my crew from work the last two days.Even then she has cared for me telling me I have to take it easy and rest.

This would all seem to go against my nature.But I stopped fighting myself and the woman who loves me and have happily given in.She has my heart completely.When I have healed and when I can get out and about I am going to show the woman the time of her life.She was a wounded person searching for love when she chose me,I am going to return that love and care to her.I am going to make her smile and forget all her past cares and upsets.I am going to make her walk in the clouds.

I had to change my mind but I could not be happier.

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5 Responses Jan 5, 2007

There is no better feeling for a woman than heartfel appreciation from a man she loves.

where can you find a woman like that with so much compatability?

Your story is beautiful,she sounds like a strong woman, dont let her go

Golly!!! Have you had a rough time of it, or what?? You never said what was wrong with you. What's up with the eye-sight and all that?? I'm awfully glad to hear that things worked out the way they have with your sweet little woman. Perhaps, one day, my loving persistence with My Darling Nicky will pay off the same way for me (and him.)<br />
I hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Nice one, Traveler! A heartfelt account of an unusual courtship. I'm really glad you wrote this and I expect you will be pleased when you look back on this story.