I was at my friends house about a year and a half ago and I was on my period. I went into the bathroom to change my tampon. I wrapped it up in toilet paper and put it in the garbage. (I didn't know they flushed their feminine products down the toilet.) I was downstairs for about 20 minutes talking to her parents. As we were all walking up the stairs my eyes went wide as I saw my best friend of 2 year's weiner dog with my tampon with the string out the side of his mouth! I ran up the rest of the stairs to get it from him and he started dodging me. Her parents behind me, I quickly jumped at him to get it. I had my used cold tampon in my hand behind the wall saying goodnight. I have only told my mother and sisters. They couldn't stop laughing, and I'v recently told my best friend who also thought it was hilarious, I now refer to her weiner dog as 'the tampon snatcher'. It's very fitting.
miraclechild420 miraclechild420
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2014