Had To Give Away My 2 Year Old Dog Today And It Hurts!!!!

I had to give up my 2 year old corgi/cattledog mix today. It is hurting my heart so bad. My husband didn't care for her and thought I put her before him. When we first got Sunny in December 2010, she my husband could deal with her. But over time her doing regular dog things starting to annoy him. He would discipline her to the point she would not want to come near me when he is around. I started to notice this a month ago and just wanted them to both get along. He wanted me to give her up before, but he knew how much it would hurt me to do this. He finally came to a decision and wouldn't go back on it this weekend. I was out shopping with some friends. He went over his mom's house where I went right after shopping. He didn't let Sunny out to use the bathroom which he knew it would be a while before he came back into the house. I was so upset I left without saying a word. There were some other issues too. When we first adopted Sunny, she attacked out rabbit Lola. She somehow got out of her gate and attacked her while we were at work. My husband came home to find my rabbit dead. This also hurt me and made it hard to keep her. We decided to keep her and work with her. I think this put a permanent hate mark on my husband towards her.

It's also been really hard to keep Sunny out and about in the house. She would get into everything and pee on our couch. We have to crate her when we are gone to work which I hated every moment of it. She is now at a boarding facility where she joined a pack of 19 dogs, which I know she would love.

I really need some type of guidance as to how I can get over this. I know she is in a better environment, but I feel like a bad person. I keep telling myself that I have to choose my relationship over a dog I've only had for 2 months. It's really really hard. I became too attached to her.
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I to gave up my dog on thurs, as we have to move house, i had her fo two years, she's a very friendly jack russell, she trusted me and i feel i let her down, it was theright thing to do as she had no freedom, now she can have a good life, it dosn't stop it hurting, you and i will cope with our loss, and i'm here if you want to chat, i'm very sincere, my dogs name is hollyand i will always love her as you will. Dawn x

Sorry what you are going through !<br />
But to be honest i would get rid of your husband who didnt treat that dog right and go get you dog!!!

I am sorry that you had to give you dog away. It is always hard when amother family member doesn't like an animal in the house. I think I had heard ot try to do something with the two that don't get a long like him only feeding the dog and giving it treats so it gives the dog a positive feeling toward the owerner and they the owne in turn will see this out of the dog and maybe ty to take another step in being more friendlier with the dog like trying to teach the dog a simple trick with the treat. Sometimes we use animals as a scapegoat for what is really bothering us or the anger we feel comes out as it's towards that animal when in fact there could be another underlying problem between the owners and one of them puts this on the dog. I had to give my dog up this week and I don't know if I will ever get over this pain.I want to cry and cry and sleep all day. Everything around the house makes me think of her :(

Same here...my house just feels so empty and I don't think I'll ever recover. Please read my story.

I know how you feel, its so quiet, i can't stand it, but i know i have to come to terms with it or i will send myself mad and my husband,