Had To Give My Beautiful Maltes Mix Up On Tuesday. I Am Basket Case And Can't Stop Crying. I An To Sleep And Sleep To Make The Pain Go Away

We got her on our way home from vacation. She was 8 weeks old and just this tiny little white ball of fluffy crazy enegery. We had a wonderful German Sheppherad that lived with us too and she let Bellacrawl all over her top so she could get to the couch, I was so cute. She was always pretty fearful or strangers and loud or weid noises so she just barked a lot a tried to stay away from them. We have long hair chihihiua too tha twas laid back. My little new dog Bella was the love on my life. One I had always wanted to love and cuddle and sleep with in bed and I taugh her to fetch the ball and shake when she was tiny. We lived in the country so she hardly got loose and if she didn' the risk of her gettin hit by a car or othe animal was low. 6 months after we got Bella I had to put down my german sheppards becasue she was old and had problems with anxiety, lesions and cycsts. bladder control and bowl control. After months of dealing with that we decidied to put her to sleep so she wouldn't suffer. My little Bella really helped me thorugh that. Now we had to move out to the city with the military and things for Bella have been bad because she keeps bolting out of the doors, getting loose from fences, she runs in the streets and wont come back. She thinks it fun. One day she is going to get hit by a car. Last Monday she got loose again so I just knew I had to find another home for her. She is now with an animal shelter that has her listed on their website stating she speciffically needs a safe place to run. I miss her like crazy. Can imagine he sitting up there scared and a lone and feeling like I thoug have done better by her. I will I could just steal her and run off to the country. Where she could run and run in an controlled enviornemt. We cant give that to her right now because we are in the military an live in rental house. This week I feel an emotional reck. I lost my best friend, my buddy.
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why didnt you try having her trained? what she did could have been fixed