Bam Bam

I got a pug puppy one evening and i always wanted a pet but couldn't get one cuz of the flat i live in with unusual rules. I didn't really care about it and i was never happier..the pug was the friendliest creature i ever saw. Ever since the guy who brought it home in a basket and took it out , I made sure it felt like it was home and that it had nothing to fear. It ran to me every time i called out its name. The next day , my mom and sis had this wedding to attend and I told them i didn't want to go. So i got the puppy for myself the entire day. I watched tv with it , played with it , put it to sleep on my lap. I could tell it loved me back .
That evening , there was a meeting held by the owners and association people of my flat. They knew about me having a dog. They made a decision and it was a no. I didn't really believe my mom when she told me this. I didn't want to look at bam bam after what she told me . I locked my room and my parents were banging on the door . I couldn't sleep that night imagining i wont be seeing him after tomorrow. That morning i woke up and spent every minute i had , with him and took videos and pictures and finally it slept on my chest and i slept off too and that's when the doorbell rang....the same guy who brought it home takes him away from me and puts him in a basket and i didn't want to watch him hurts so much looking at the pictures i took of him. I don't think i can sleep for the rest of my life...i know i can get a pup again sometime in my life...but I'll never see bam bam...that thought hurts like ****..
dusky888 dusky888
May 5, 2012