Petey I'm Sorry And I Love You

My mini schnauzer Charlie passed away after 15 years, I was devastated, I cried for days. Charlie was a special dog that brought much excitement and joy into my home. So to try and plug in the hole I got a new puppy whom I named Sir Peter Gray Beard, Petey. Petey was such a high energy pup that he would squeal and bark and jump the second he saw me. The neighbors complained, my partner complained, everybody couldn't stand Petey. But I loved him. He was a good loving dog. It was my failure to get him in line but I just didn't have the heart to do it. I just couldn't . I failed him. The county came and said if they get another complaint they would take him. So I called schnauzer rescue and in a few days they had me turn him over to them. I drove to Orlando which is 2.5 hours away from home. Petey slept quietly in the car. I met the rescue lady and her daughter at a beautiful park with a lake. The daughter took Petey on a leash down by the lake he kept looking back at me... I told them thank you and that I was going to get in my car and act like I wasn't doing what I was doing. I got to the park entrance and broke down... I didn't look back... I feel so guilty about it.
I got a call from the rescue a few days later and they said he was doing fine in a foster home. I really screwed that all up and for that Petey I'm sorry buddy, I love you and hope you have a better home than what I could give you.

guythatwalks guythatwalks
51-55, M
Jun 13, 2012