Lukas was my old Jack Russell. He was about a year old. We got him when he was a little puppy. He was five weeks old. I guess I blame myself because Jack Russell's are very energetic dogs and I guess I didn't walk him enough. Well he got to agressive and since there are little kids, we had to give him away. I cried all that day. But we put him in a shelter where they don't kill the dogs. and still he is there. It's only been like 5 months or so,maybe more.

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I know how you feel. Yesterday was my birthday, and I had to find my dog (Emma) a new home. I have never lost a pet before, so this is particularly heart breaking. She has always been a biter, but we usually keep her away from situations that cause her anxiety, so it does not happen. <br />
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However, we are now new parents & we are starting to have friends with young children come over to the house. On Wednesday, she bit a little girl that we are very close with. Luckily. it was in the leg and not bad enough to warrant a doctor's visit. I am so grateful that she is o.k. and her parents were forgiving. <br />
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We know that the kids are obviously more important than our dog, but it is still heart breaking to see her go. It is a miracle that we found her the perfect home right away. I am comforted by the fact that they will love her, keep her as an inside dog, and they understand her aggression and can train her to be less anxiety ridden. <br />
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We had our Jack Russell for 8 years, and she will be missed. I am also afraid that our other dog will be depressed without her. He is very peaceful and loving toward our new baby, but now he will be by himself when we leave the house.<br />
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Thanks for listening. I needed to have a place to tell some dog lovers who will understand our loss.

I had to give one of my dogs away .. my littlest. it hurts so much that I don't know if i'll ever recover.

you can read my story here: (I would love some advice on how to cope.

I gave away the good little one because I knew she would adapt to her new family better than my oldest who is a little more agressive - which now i have time for to retrain.

can you get him out of the shelter, into some rescue group ? has he been adopted, or is<br />
he still at the shelter ?<br />
dog-lover in Idaho,<br />
Lori L.

Yea sometimes it is D: but very sad.

its so hard to give up an animal. i can relate. sometimes tho its for the best.