Today I Said Goodbye Ot My Pup

I miss him so much right now. It is 1 am and i cannot sleep because he is all i can think about. I am worried that his home wont work out, or that he may end up in a shelter or going to more homes then just this one. He is the sweetest little white fluffy dog, and he was so kind and gentle with my kids. But being a single mom, working full time and with kids in daycare, he was alone in a crate most of the day and i didnt feel like that was fair to him. He always looked so sad, and i felt like he deserved better. I found him a home where they said they had another little dog and showed me a picture. They have a backyard(which i don't) and someone is always home. I felt this was what he needs. But now all i can do is worry and miss him. I know it was for the best and all i can do is pray he has found a forever home. It is so hard to give up a loved pet, and some people do not understand it and judge you for it. I think we want a dog to love and give a good home too until we realize they deserve much more then what we can offer them. Sometimes just love isn't good enough.
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Thank you for your comments .Sorry you had to go through this too. It's been two weeks, it is a tough 2 weeks but we are accpetting the time goes we can talk about her ,look at her pictures..and which ease our mind is knowing that the owner will be loving her equally as we did...I just wish we could see her again someday.....

I was given my grandmother dog when she passed away due to cancer. He stayed with us for 3 months but my aunt took him away from my family. I was so heartbroken, I would sometimes hear him walk in my house. But I know that he is he is being treated kindly and loved so everything is okay :)