My Prince <3

I had to give my dog Prince away a couple of weeks ago. My sister may or may not be allergic to dogs but because of my fathers constant complaining and him arguing with me about the dog, I chose to give him away. It was such a hard decision to make. I really wanted to work something out, find a solution to this problem. But my father wasn't having it. If we do find out she isn't allergic to him I will go ballistic. My dog was like my son. Since my mothers passing he has been the only thing that was making it easier to deal. Now that he is gone I just feel depressed all the time. My father feels guilty about arguing with me about it and about me having to get rid of him. His solution to this is, "We'll get a hypo allergenic dog." -____- NO. Nothing can replace my Prince charming :(
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

i cant believe your dad said that we will get a hypo allergenic dog i wish people could understand one dog does not equate to another when i had to give up my baby my partner bought me another to try and cheer me up as a surprise its a cute little thing but defiantly not my girl if anything it made me feel worse