i bought a dog to keep me sane, i was alone, depressed, and i was stuck in an empty house left to hear my distant echos of my own mind about to burst. she calmed all my fears, kept me safe and loved me unconditionally even if i scolded her. to have something love you so much for the little things you do, like pet her, smile, call her name, the look that she gave me. gave me hope that i could live to see another day. i love my dog like she was my child. she is 8 months old, and distructive. so my land lord told me that i had to give her away, of corse i had choices, and those were the spca or find one of my friends that would love her the way i always will, and of course i picked the obvious best friend card. i have been getting her ready for the move, getting her shots, flea meds, vaccinations. and still i know watching her go will break me more than i have ever been broken. although she is going somewhere safe, and to someone i trust, i still cannot be satisfied.
why can i not grow old with her, side by side?
like we planned it...
and why can we not be best friends for life
like we promised.,,
i know she will always love me, but i also know deep down..
she will slowly forget the memories we made together.
slowly forget who i am..
and that hurts..

they want to put her in obedience school, but i cant immagine her like that,
calm, obedient, waiting for orders. that isnt what i will remember,
ill love her till the day i die. but hopes that someday,,, oneday...

she will be at my side to keep me company once again.
my tea
reyreyfiesta1 reyreyfiesta1
Jan 11, 2013