When I Was Younger....

My parents were separated, my dad left because he was cheating on my mom with a shedevil. And near the end of the relationship with the shedevil he opened up to me, he was probably on a lot of pills and he'd been drinking. He started crying said hes sorry he doesnt love me and he said he wasnt sure if he had ever loved anyone, that he didnt know how. I love my dad and a lot of things have changed since then but every time i see him thats all i can think about and the worst part is he doesnt even remember saying it to me. I was 16 with a broken heart and no matter how happy i am now with my love, the pain my dad caused has never left.
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I rather be beat than verbally assaulted. Parents say things to their kids that can never be removed from the memories and it seems that bad memories effect us greater than the good ones. Now I am going to say something quite controversial on EP. Give evil to whom it belongs, the father of lies and pain. My father also said many things to me that hurt and he was sober. Years later I realize hurt people hurt people it is what they know. Stop the cycle and forgive himand refuse to let evil dwell in the temple. You can't forget the past it made you who you are. You are a gift and you are in control of your choices so love long and often, God Bless

you are amazing. seriously though i appreciate your support.