Its Hard To Talk About Me.

I'm looking for some help. I find it hard and even painful when I'm in a new forming group where the ice breaker is "tell us about you".  Every time I engage in this activity anxiety floods my brain and I go blank. As a result what comes out of my mouth sounds shallow or very reserved. I recently found myself in this situation. Strangely I was the first person ask to talk about myself. It was painfully awkward. One person ask me "what are you feeling"?   I admitted I was uncomfortable talking about myself.  The mood of the group shifted and an awkward silence swallowed the room for several moments. My voice seemed to shrink and I could hardly get the words out.  Was it the confession? Was it strange? Was it wrong? In the end I had a sense of shame...  and thought I must be a very different person. Everyone else in the group appeared to talk about themselves freely. I want to overcome this discomfort and be known. Anyone share this experience and learning to overcome?  If so please share your journey.

kemay kemay
Mar 3, 2010