A while ago I went to the mall to do a little shopping. I was inside a store and picking out things to try on when I get the sudden urge that my bladder was full! I decided I would just hold and wait until I was done trying my things on until I found a bathroom to relieve my aching bladder. In the middle of trying my things on the pain got worse and worse. I was hardly able to stand and was having to cross my legs and hold myself. This made trying clothes on nearly impossible!!! I was about to change into my clothes and run out to find the bathroom when I couldn't hold it anymore. I put all the clothes I had been trying on into a pile and squatted over them so they touched my p.u$$y. I then just let my bladder go as my warm stream flooded the clothes. Feeling the clothes become warm and wet under my p.u$$y turned me on so much that I jus say back with my legs open and master.bated my swollen pee soaked p.u$$y until I squirted.
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4 Responses Aug 15, 2014

That sounds like a good day

Mmm what clothes did u do it in? Xo

What an amazing experience....now that feels much better , i suspect...😊😉

It did! I got dressed and left the **** soaked clothes in the fitting room

Beautiful xx

So wished id seen that

I want to see your pullup