Pee Desperation

This is a true story from when i was 12 or 13, right in the middle of puberty.
The night before, i was at my baseball practice. I usually took a pee before it and after. This day was pretty hot, and i had drank and sweated a lot of water during the practice. The practice usually lasted from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. After baseball practice i went in the changing room, removed my uniform and cup, and entered the shower. Showered and returned home.
When i did, i was extremely thirsty, so i drank i think 2 glasses if water. My mom had set a bed time, which was 9:30. My family is very open and usually sleep naked or in underwear, this night i slept in my underwear. My new very tight briefs(my mom had gotten them two sizes to small) were very comfortable in the hot night. The bathroom is right across the hall, so if anyone went in a could hear everything they were doing(very thin doors). Usually though, me, my brother, and my dad never even closed the door.
I had to pee, but i was extemely tired. I was thinking of using the bathroom just in case, but fell asleep deciding.
When i woke i instantly looked at my clock, as i usually did, so i could see if i had anymore time to sleep before school. It was 3:30, i never have gotten up that early. I heard the bathroom door slam. I laid there for a second, then it hit me. My morning wood had disappeared pretty fast, and in return gave me the full bladder. I grabbed my crotch, and felt my bladder pretty full, and i had to pee really bad. So now, i had held my pee through the night, which was about 7 hours. I exited my bedroom thinking that my dad was showering, which meant i could pee anyways. I knocked and asked.
"I have to pee, can i come in?" But i then heard the bathroom door lock. I grabbed myself, gaining control over my very full bladder. The pressure was extrme, and if i didn't go soon i would have to find somewhere else to go or i would **** my underwear.
"I'm in here." I heard my brother say. Instantly my heart sunk. This week my brother was having diarrhea, and stayed in the bathroom hours at a time. I heard the sound of pee and i smiled. But when he finished, he didn't come out. I heard the toilet seat slam down.
"Do you think i can pee before you go?" I said, myself now exteremely desperate.
"I'm already..... going." He said.
"Well please hurry." I said entering my room again. I got in my warm better, eagle spreaded grabbing my crotch, needing to pee so much. I fell asleep again. Waking up, i felt myself grabbing my cotch even harder, and the need to pee almost unbareble.
I looked at the clock and noticed only 30 minutes had past. Getting out, grabbing myself, i exited my room and tried the bathroom again. It was still locked.
"Still in here." I heard him say.
"come on i really gotta go." I yelled through the door.
"Well i feel terrible." He mumbled loud enough so i coulde hear. I now was grabbing myself with both hands, my thighs prssed together. I never knew i had to go so bad before, and my bladder felt swollen. I knew i had a big bladder too, but never this much.
"Please, i really can't hold much longer." I shouted. He seemed to hear my strain in my voice and flushed. He still didn't come out.
"Sorry but i feel really bad." He said. I sat on the floor. Only one bathroom in the house, and i was about to wet myself. another 10 minutes past with me holding myself. Soon, my dad had came out of his room, holding his crotch with one hand himself. He saw me.
"Whats wrong?" He said removing his hand.
"Tyler is sick and wont come out. And i really got to go." I told him.
"I do too."
"Tyler, can you come out." My dad asked. I could see he was abosultely desperate, seeing him move from foot to foot. I didn't hear him pee before bed so i knew he didn't go.
"I'm really sick." I heard him say. My dad grabbed himself again.
"Well i'm going back to bed, i can hold it for a little while." He said.
About 15 minutes of agony, my dad came out again.
"Tyler please hurry, i got to go to the bathroom." He shouted.
Tyler didn't say anything but a grumble. My dad squirmed.
"I got to really go now." He said.
"I"m really about to pee." I finally said. The pee had made my stomach upset now, and i felt sick. 5 minutes past, my dad now occupying me in holding, he leaning on the bathroom door. I could see he was desperatly trying to keep from leaking. i never saw my dad this desperate. I also could see the outline of his penis in his brown briefs, but i looked away as i grabbed myself. His bladder looked pretty full, it stretching over his briefs waistband, and so was mine.
Soon he had had enough.
"Tyler i need to go, open up." My dad said holding himself.
"Fine." I heard a flush and the door open. My dad had a great look of relief but then looked at me.
"you can go first." He said trying to hide the fact he was close to bursting. I entered, fumbling with my **** as i aimed it at the toilet. I had locked the door, since i was going to try to poop really fast cause my stomach was getting upset. I releived myself, which felt wonderful and sat on the toilet.
"Hurry up please." I heard my dad say. i was kind of enjoying hearing him in agony. I sat there for about 10 minutes, telling my dad my stomach was upset. He was now grunting and moaning. I finished and flushed, but started to wash my hands. I filled it to the brim and put the water pressure to the sound of urine coming out. I heard my dad whimper, and now i finished. I heard a pound on the dloor and a tiny spray like sound. I opened the door to my dad on his knees a small line on his briefs. He quickly took his penis out right in front of me and rushed into the bathroom. He looked pained. For a minute he stood over the toilet, trying to pee through his nowhard on. I was looking through my rooms cracked door. And finally he released. He moaned and i saw how strong his pee stream was. His hardon was gone instantly. And he peed for what seemed like ever. When he was done, i saw him starting to move his hand on his ****, and soon white stuff coming out. Once he exited the bathroom with the best look on his face, i started to try what he did, since i had never done before.
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We're very impressional at that age, and this was an experience you wouldn't forget!