Long Drive...

I was driving to my dad and stepmom's house last night, it's a lot closer to my work then where I live. Beacuse of the snow in alberta, the normaly 3 hr drive took nearily 4 1/2 hrs. Natualy I was wearing a diaper for the drive. Just in case I needed to go while I was driving, this way I don't have to pull over all the time. I peed about 2-3 times in my diaper before I got to my turn off to get to my dad's house. At the turn off there's a gas station, I figured I sould change my diaper there and have a fresh one on for the last hour of my drive.

So I changed my diaper just like always, got back in my car and headed out for my last hour of driving. Now.... my family don't know I wear diaper, execpt my wife. She supports my battle the best she can. Knowing that my dad and stepmom don't know that I wear diapers proves a small problem for wearing them descreatly, I have to be carefull not to have it crinkle while I'm there, so I tend to only wear diapers if they leave for work before me.

So far so good right.... wrong half an hour from town I really need to poop, again no one knows I wear diapers in the first place, would pose a little problem if I walked in the door smelling like poop. All ready wearing my nightime diaper and having to poop, also not so good. Most people would say, once you get to town find a gas station and go there, when I got to town all the regular stations are already closed, and the one 24hrs station's washroom was out of order the last 3 times I tried to go there, so last option, go at my dad's house.

When I got there my dad and stepmom just went to bed, seems like the best time to go to the bathroom and take off the diaper and take a **** right.... WRONG. There room is attached to the only bathroom in the house. So out of the question. The room im staying in, good idea, not. I sleep on the couch in the living room. So anyone there can walk right in when ever.

My dad and stepmom are pretty good at giving me my provicy. But when they here something that doesn't sound right, they investigate, like any normal human being. So I'm stuck in my diaper, and at this point I have been holding it for over an hour, then my dad gets out of bed to get a drink, and to ask me about how the roads were. Normaly I would have been more then happy to tell him, but I really had to poop. So I tried to keep it short and to the point, so he would leave. I already knew that both of them had to go to work at 4:30am, so I knew that once they were asleep, I could let it go and clean up in the morning.

So lets recap, needed to poop for over an hour and a half at this time. Already wearing my nightime diaper, un-able to take it off and really needing to poop. So about 5 mins after my dad left, I let it all out. I felt so much better, but it felt like I still needed to poop, but nothing would come out, nothing else for me to do, I go to sleep. About middle of the night, I woke up to bad stomac pains. Felt like I needed to poop again, so I pushed again, only a little came out, but the pains went away. Back to sleep. Then I herd my dad and stepmom up at 4 in the morning, all I could think about was them smelling my diaper if they came into the livingroom.

So I pulled the covers up tight around my neck to try and keep the smell in. Seemed to work cuz I didn't here them say, "Do you smell that." or anything like that. So I'm in the clear, for now. They left for work everythings good. But know I'm to awake from trying to keep them from knowing. So I figure I'd tell all the earily birds on this website about it. And actually I need to poop again. I hope I don't leak out of my diaper. It's pretty full at this time. I don't have to leave for work till 7:20 so I'll clean up around 6:30, and it's currenly 5:30 so I got another hour or so. I sure do love the feel of a wet and poopy diaper like what I got on right now.
tnob tnob
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2011