The Loss Of A Dear Friend.

Today i lost my dearly beloved companian Oscar. He was such a wonderful and magical creature, the best friend i could ever have hoped for and i feel blessed to have had such a wonderful soul share his life with me for the past 11 years. He had been slowing down for quite some time and i just put it down to him getting old but at the beginning of december last year he began to develop a terrible hacking cough. I thought it was just kennel cough and so did the vets who prescribed him anti-biotics but it didn't help and he rapidly got worse. I went back to the vets and they said that it may be his heart. i felt ill with worry when they said they needed to get him in for an x-ray. I took him back the next morning and they said his heart was enlarged confirming the worst - he had heart disease. They prescribed him some heart tablets and i was overjoyed that he improved really well and he was now only coughing occasionally. We had a lovely time together over the festive season and i treated him to a big christmas dinner with me. I thought all was going well and prayed we would enjoy many more months together however just after new year his cough came back with a vengeance and he began to deteriorate rapidly. The vets increased his medication but it only alleviated his symptoms and i knew it was not looking good. Night after night he lay beside me and the awful sound of his hacking coughing and wheezing broke my heart. The past few weeks have drained the life out of me and i couldnt bear to see my dear old friend suffer any more but at the same time i didn't want to give up on him. I have been in turmoil trying to decide what was the right thing to do. The past week he had barely eaten anything at all and was refusing to walk anymore only going outside to do his business and then back in again. I tried feeding him all his favourite treats but he turned his nose up at everything i offered him. These last few days i had to feed him little jars of baby food by hand. It's soul destroying to see your old friend once such a noble, strong and handsome creature suddenly look so weak, old and helpless and i had to face the fact that there was nothing more we could do for him. And so tonight i had to make the most heart breaking decision of my life and let him go. I know he was close to deaths door and i wanted to send him off peacefully and be there with him at the end to say my final farewell to him but even now i am tormented with guilt and feel like i somehow betrayed him and gave up on him. I held his little head in my hands and looked into his eyes and told him how much i loved him then i watched as the glimmer of life flickered and faded away. I feel so alone and empty without him now and can't begin to imagine my life without him.
I'll never forget you Oscar buddy. Farewell my dear old friend. I hope that someday we will be together again.
Godslonelyman Godslonelyman
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I'm So Sorry For You Lose I Lost My Dog To Cancer It's Been Two Months Sinse His Gone I Miss Him So Much I've Never Been Right Sinse But I Know Time Is A Great Healer If You Want To Read My Story Just Look Up Harvey 411 Talk Soon Take It Easy Oscer Is At Peace Now .

Hi Godsolonelyman, So very sorry to hear of your loss Oscar. I also went thru the very same thing with my Golden Retreiver, Summer. She had Bone Cancer. Very Painful. So I too know how you feel. But not to worry Oscar & Summer r Over The Rainbow having NO MORE PAIN. We will again see them as they will be waiting for us. When Oscar sees you he will Run to you like he did when he felt his BEST!! As the days go by, you are one day closer to being together!! May God Bless You, Diana

That is heartbreaking :(

A very sad story.

I hope that you are doing a lot better now since it has been over a year since you had to put your Oscar down. They become such a part of our family.<br />
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We had a dog about 11 years ago that developed the same symptoms. Miranda was only 6 and she got congestive heart failure. She had a hard time breathing toward the end and it really was hard to watch her suffering so we had her put down<br />
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About a year later we were ready to open our hearts to another dog. We eventually got two to keep each other company. They are great dogs but we will always have a special place in our hearts for Miranda.<br />
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Sammy and Pandora will be 10 in Oct. and especially Pandora is slowing down. I have never had two dogs before and never thought of the fact that one will pass before the other. It is going to be sad for us and the other dog left behind.

It sounds like you never would've let him down and I think he knows that. I feel the same way about my companion. I know you'll keep him in your heart forever.

Thank you for telling your story. I had to put my 11 year old miniature schnauzer to sleep last night and I am feeling everything that you explained above. I feel totally lost and alone and your story helped me to know how many other people feel this way. My little guy had cancer and before he could get any worse we made the decision to let him go, I have questioned this decision for the past 24 hours, how could I make that decision, was it right, could I have waited longer? Every time I look at an animal today my heart breaks more, if that is possible. Thanks so much for having this available for those of us just now experiencing this.

My Poobie is 9 years old this year. My mom just had to put her 13 year old pomeranian to sleep yesterday. It has made me start to think about the day I will have to make that decision for my precious best friend. He is the joy in my life every day and I cannot image life without him. I don't know how I will ever be able to make that decision to let him go someday. I only hope that when that day comes I will be able to show my dearest friend in the world the empathy you have shown yours. It will, without a doubt, be the hardest thing I will ever have to do in my life.

Hard as it is G it was for the best ...........

I'm not used to tears flowing freely, but recently while faced with my cats possible demise, I found I can and do cry. I also cried reading your story about losing your sweet dog Oscar, because it sounds exactly like what I'm going through, or close to it. I really know what you're going through, your story is the first I've ever read that tells me, in fact, others love their 'pets' as much as I love my cat Sporck. God bless you.

Your story made me cry. I am sure you did the right thing and I will certainly do the same for my old dog when the time comes.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Though our time with our beloved friends is all too short the simple unconditional love that they offer cannot be measured. Oscar gave me so much and especially during our last few weeks together i realised just how precious every single moment truly is. For too long i had wallowed in my own pit of despair and self pity but in tribute to my dear departed friend i will strive to better myself.

My Jamie went that same way yours did, that is, under similar circumstances, the cough, the difficulty breathing. I will never know if it was his lungs or his heart, ( we did all we could) but I told him it was okay to go and he died in my arms, took his last breath in the middle of the night. I held him for hours, not willing to really let go.<br />
It is one of the hardest things to do in life I think, say good bye to a dear friend that way. <br />
I feel your pain. The picture made me cry. <br />
I am sending my prayers.<br />
PS--I believe in my heart that we will all be reunited with our loved ones upon death. He is waiting for you.

I am kind of lost for words here...i just feel your pain. It's so hard to let go but you did the right thing for Oscar.<br />

My heart goes out to you for the loss of your beloved Oscar. I'm so sorry. <br />
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I had to make the same decision a couple of weeks ago with my old kitty. The vet said to me "You are doing the right thing". You did the right thing too, Godslonelyman, even though it hurts so much to have to make that decision.<br />
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I believe in some way he is still with you watching over you, and I firmly believe you will see him again.

God bless you! (hug) I felt your pain in your story here. You DID do right by him!! He may have been in lots of pain so... out of your love for/to him, you did what needed to be done. <br />
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I hope this pain that you carry will soon leave and some day soon you may need to get another best friend. Take care