I just had to put my best friend down, Paulie.  He was a three time loser from a county pound.  My kids fell in love with him after we met him at a local pet store.  On my youngest girl's birthday, we beat out three families to adopt him.  On the way home he slept on the front passenger seat, as if he was home.

What a screw ball he was!  Didn't't't like other dogs.  He was bitten by a local dog on a walk by my wife.  Her friend used pepper spray to try and get the attacking dog off.  Paulie took the brunt of the spray and never complained.

He listened better that my three girls.  Someone had trained him to obey verbal and visual commands.  Never crapped in another yard.  Never harmed another animal.  Only wanted a good "treat" for doing a good job.  If a dog was a Marine, he was it!  Semipro Fie!  Hoo Rah! 

Tag the age of 13 and after two leg operations for tumors, he came to me and laid his head on my lap to say I'm ready to be at peace.  Thanks for everything.

He was laid to rest on the family farm.   I think he will enjoy chasing the rabbits.

I will raise a glass to my Fox Hound/Boxer friend and wish him a good trip and a long deserved rest.

I will miss him dearly!!!

Charlie Conover

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1 Response Mar 24, 2011

I'm sorry about your dog.