Our Best Friend And Guardian

Our 12 year old German Shepherd 'Max' was put to sleep on the 30.04.12. Although he was a canine he was our best friend and our family's protector. He will be sadly missed but forever loved. We've had him since he was 6 weeks old and he has been an amazing companion. No-one can understand how much joy and love a dog can bring to your family home and to your life. My heart will never be the same. 

Max was a complete nutball, he used to play hide and seek with the children (the children hide and he would seek them out and then bark at them joyfully). He knew me and my partner as 'mummy and daddy'. He was that daft I would say 'daddy's home' and he would go straight to the back door and bark (even when my partner was in the house stood next to him). My partner would say 'mummy's home' and he would run straight outside and wait at my car door and jump in to greet me before I could get out. When the kids would sleep he would lick them to death, and when we brought our last born home he put his nose under her armpits and pushed her arms in the air to wake her up. We have a Border Collie cross who is 14 years old and she was his canine step-mum cleaning his ears and eyes every day.

Max hated the washer spinning, and he would come to me and my partner the same time every night and poke his nose into our face, nudge us and give us the look knowing it was time for 'walkies'. He loved our three children and would always check on them every day going from chair to chair in the living room to make sure they were okay. He never liked the Border Collie getting attention so would just push her out the way and edge in. These are memories forever in my heart.

It's hard to describe how wonderful life has been with Max in our life. Unfortunatley he fell ill suddenly and we had to make the decision to let him sleep peacefully. He never lifted his head all night until we went to exit the room when they would put him to sleep. I will always remember the look he gave me as if he wanted to come but I knew he could not.

My message is that we all have to make tough decisions no matter how much our hearts tell us not to. The pain is hard to bear but the memories will stay forever and these keep me and my family alive. RIP Max and we have enjoyed every minute spent in your company. We will meet again.
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1 Response May 1, 2012

Max was a beautiful boy. My family had lots of shepherds and shepherd mixes growing up, and they are truly great protectors. I have loved each and every one of them with a passion for their loyalty to us. I am terribly sorry for your loss. The pain is excruciating, only tempered by the glorious memories of our beloved family members.