My Boy My Friend

His name is grande. But I always called him baby. He is a neo mastiff a huge dog but the friendliest boy u would ever meet. We had him for 6 years. He would have been 7 in June. We had my older 2 boys when he came into our family. It never bothered him when the next 2 came along. He slept beside my older kids bunk beds usually until the babies door started being left open at night. Then he slept right next to my 3 year old for almost a year. God forbid if someone would touch one of our kids without my husband or I there. He never bit anyone but people tend to back up when 170 pounds of dog is barking and growling. No man could get close to me without my husband present including my own father and brothers. He's possessive. I told him all my secrets. He lasted in my lap and let me cry when I needed. Some times he licked away my years sometimes he just let them fall. If I was at home he was with me except nights when he was guarding the kids. A year ago he started crying and was slow to get up. We took him to the vet and they put him on arthritis medicine and for the first couple months he was almost like a puppy again. Then he started losing weight. A lot of weight. Then he had diarrhea all the time. We went back to the vet who told us it was viral and to wait it out. It continued for 2 weeks. So back to the vet where we ran more tests and X-rays. He had cancer and a lot of it. He had a tumor on his nose blocking his airway he had rumors (3) small ones in hi lower jaw that were slowing killing his teeth and to further break my heart he had a tumor the size of his heart attached to the top and back side of his heart. I sat on the floor at the vet and cried I mean really cried with his head in my lap as I made the decision to put him down.

Heart broke I refused to keep his ashes and now I wish I had. I miss him every minute of every day. I still sometimes look for him I always get out an even number of treats like I would for 2 dogs and then my heart breaks when only our little guy comes running. He's sad to after losing his friend. He's been gone almost 2 months I still cry over him so does my other dog. He won't sleep in his bed. He lays beside it and just cries.

I miss him
astonehocker astonehocker
May 5, 2012