Cody<3 5-21-12

Today my beloved dog of 14 years had to be put down. He was my everything. He was there for me when i cried or was in pain. He knew how to love me as who I am. And I LOVED HIM UNCONTROLLABLY. He was a trouble maker but knew how to make me laugh and smile at the end of it. Last night he was experiencing some seizures. He most of had a couple but then they started getting out of hand. He died, but then my dad called him back. miracle. After my dad spent the night by his side he knew it was time. My dad took him to the vet and decided to put him down.He took lots of pictures first. When he helped cody out of the truck, my dad called his name and cody turned around smiling. He knew what was happening. That he was going to a better place. When the vets put cody down, they did it in the grass, because cody loved rolling around in the grass. But he didn't roll at all. He laid there waiting to go home. The vets put a medicine to make him fall asleep. Then they injected a medicine to stop his heart. He closed his eyes gently. then came his last puff of breath. He was gone.
             Even though Cody is gone, he shall be apart of my heart. I love him to death. And I can't wait until the day we meet again<3

imisscody97 imisscody97
1 Response May 21, 2012

Dear imisscody97, Thank you for sharing that. I can see me and my dog Peanut in aspects of your story. Bless your heart for loving your baby with ALL of your heart. You and your dad are my kind of people and are blessed! I'm sure you will see Cody again!