Long Time Coming

We have had my dog Hodi for 13 years now. Because my mom stayed home with him as a puppy while us kids were at school he attached to her like a leech. Therefore, he was never really the kind of dog we all wanted, not very friendly and extremley weird. We still loved him and he still loved us. Unfortunatley, in the past years we have had issues with him and his weird behavior. He is so unfriendly to visitors, to the point that he will growl at them and sometime nip at them, never bite them, but enough things to make us and the visitors nervous. Then he started being very strange to my sister, sometimes "attacking" her when she did anything that riled him up (like dancing with me) and I say attacking with quotations because to me it wasn't the type of attacking you think of when you picture an animal attack, but none the less he bit her and she was freaked out beyond belief. Out of protection to her we were going to put him down and we all prepared to say goodbye, but it never happened, my dad got to busy to take him down to the place where they would put him to sleep. Almost a year or more later, out of the blue my parents decided we needed to put him to sleep because my sister was going to be a lone with him in our house for a month and we knew she was not comfortable with him, plus she hadn't really gotten over the fact that we didn't put him down for her in the past. I thought it would be easier to let him go this time, since I had already somewhat gone through it before, but it happened yesterday and I feel awful. He wasn't even a great dog, not very friendly, loyal or loving, but I just feel like we betrayed him. He was part of our family, weird or not, and we let someone kill him......... he was all a lone at the last moment of his life. We handed him over to strangers who took his life away. I can't get over the fact ever that we betrayed our dog.
sshortblnd sshortblnd
May 25, 2012