Tomorrow will be the worst day of my life. My parents have decided to put my 2 year old pit bull to sleep. They have 2 reasons. One because she bit me 11 days ago. I was never angry with her for that. However she did a lot of damage to my lip and it required 6 stitches to fix. They are afraid she could do worse damage to others. The other reason is that she has a torn ACL and it is hard for her to walk. They said it is just going to get worse and her hips might go next. They can't be fixed. I can't stop them from doing it because I'm still a kid, but she's my dog and I love her. I just wish she had a longer run than this. All I know is that I will be there tomorrow for her, because that's what is right.
Dragonmadi Dragonmadi
Dec 7, 2012