I Wish I Can Be With You In Doggy Heaven

Dec 10 2012,,in less then 2 weeks my dog Lana will have 2 month gone...I had to put her to sleep because she had kidney failure at the age of 4&1/2 ...she lost weight and stopped being herself she didn't eat,play,couldn't even jump on the bed...one oct 22 I woke up to her breathin weird heavy but slow I rushed her to the vet at 430 am they said she was breathin heavy because of the fluids inside her was maybe crushing her heart ...the vet said she can drain the fluids and she will be ok ....I said fine bt after thinking about it I decided to put her to sleep ..the reason I choose to do it was because she stopped being herself...she lost so much weight she was bones ....every few months I had to get her body drained and it wasn't a fair life for her ...I love that dog soo much she slept with me ,came camping with me ,everywhere I went she as there ...even now that she's gone she's still with me in my heart ...one day we will meet again ..she visits me in my dreams and a few days ago she did she gave me warm kisses and then left she was healthy ...I hope she can forgive me as I will never forgive myself ...as I type I can't stop crying.....I can't type anymore RIP my little butterball, 11/08-10/12
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me feel a little better about my decision to put our 14 year old dog down yesterday. It will always hurt. I can't stop crying. But you did the right thing. You loved your dog. And we do the things selflessly. God bless.

I'm sorry for your loss. My little boy Jordan had 9 and 1/2 so your Lana but that doesn't make it any easier. Jordan had alot of dental problems and recurring infections along with heart disease. You said you made the decision to euthenize rather than putting him through more...I'm kind of wondering if I should have done the same a few months back. He was always a happy boy though. I think what ended up having a heart attack and like Lana accumulated fluid in his heart and lung area. He all the sudden had labored brathing that me and vet didn't really couldn't understand when I took him in for an emergency visit. 2 days later I took him back for a recheck still with labored breathing but otherwise normal. The vet came into the exam room and put the stethescope to his chest and said "i can't find a heart beat". That was it, he was gone. I'm so sorry about Lana. Her and Jordan don't have to suffer with the ailments that their earth bodies had anymore. I know that with my head, but my heart aches so much and all I want is to have him back here with me. I know what you're going through. RIP Jordan 7/2003-12/7/2012