I Don't Want To Do This Again, Saying Goodbye Is To Hard

Last month me and my family were really sad about having to put one of our three dogs to sleep, her name is in a different language but let's just say it's Sunny. She was the oldest, she would have been 14 the 3rd of December but we couldn't get her to live that long. I didn't want her to go away, like other people but I knew it was the right thing to do. It was hard to see her suffer and get thinner because she didn't eat. The cause of all this was her liver, it was failing. We noticed changes in the other dogs, her daughters. One of them is 10 and the other is 8. They were not so happy, like they were all the time, no, instead the just stayed in their cages and came to us in the sofa when we were watching TV. One night Sunny started to breathe very fast and whine. Dad called the doctor that arrived in about 15 minutes. He had to call the vet to know what to do. The vet lives in another town 45 minutes from where we live and it was also almost midnight. When the doctor had injected her we said our goodbyes. I couldn't sleep that night so I went downstairs, got the other two dogs and sat in the sofa. I turned on the TV trying to take my mind of Sunny although it was pretty hard since I was standing in the room where I saw her for the last time. I miss you Sunny, may you live through Indy and Mirra (the other dogs). I love you and I will never, ever forget you.
Gracha Gracha
Dec 11, 2012