My Wee Sherbet Is Gone And I Miss Her

Sherbet, a Lhasa Apso, was nearly eleven and a sweet natured dog.I decided to have her put to sleep nearly three weeks ago. At 9 and a half she started to develop signs of ageing, like tripping, falling down stairs, walking very slowly. A few months before her death she started eating a lot and drinking water even through the night. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease and there is no definitive cure. I decided to have her put to sleep and I wish I hadn't. I miss her and just feel I could have helped her more. I just can't seem to let go. All the postings on this site have helped such a lot to know others feel the same, but I can't shift the guilt. IWas I just being selfish, was she really so ill, could the vet told me more about Cushings. When I was driving her to the vet that day she sat in the car looking out of the window and she never did that, always curled up on the seat. I had her creamated and have her photos and great memories but it's not getting through to me. Maybe one day.
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My dog had cushings too. Shitzu/maltese. The last 2 months were the worst. I had no idea if I was capable of making the right decision for her to be released. I had read that you need to look at a dogs life, and acknowledge what makes for quality of life.....Going for walks, playing, eating, dignity, painfree, etc, and when those are no longer present, the quality of life is gone. My vet said euthenasia was the worst and best part of his job. How perfect is that? He thanked me for taking such good care of her, and being brave and caring enough to make the decision based on her needs. It was sad, very sad, peaceful for her and , painful for me. A friend advised that an animals spirit will stay with you on earth. your furry friend does not want you sad. Your furry friend thanks you for your bravery. Another friend said only the bravest of souls agree to come here. I am not sure. Who is? But I like it. Be at peace. Remember the love. That's what is getting me through my hurt.

I too lost my dog last year and it was the deepest pain people talk about when they lost a child.My wife and I never had a child so BUSTER was our fur baby.

The other day it hit me as I thought about life spans.

What if you were born knowing that you would only live 9 to 16 years ? Would you feel that it was unfair or TOO SHORT ?

But,....look at a dog and how they play and smile knowing that they will have a short life they love 10 times harder.They don't hold grudges and they are unconditional and loyal in their love.

I think we can learn from that.BUSTER taught me soo much about love.

I'm very sorry for your loss but thankful for the love you recieved.

thanks a million. this has helped a lot.

i beleive you did your best for your little sherbet,its not selfish not wanting your pet to suffer,theres only so much you can put her through with treatments and medications . It will get easier over time ,just hang in there.

thanks I will. you have helped me move forward