My Little Otis

As the one year anniversary of Otis' death approaches, I remember the time that he died and the time that we got him. It hurts but I will, I will not forget him.

When Otis first came into our lives, nothing more than a ball of white fluff. He stole our lives and our hearts. We had a wonderful three years with him. Three wonderful years, full of laughter, cuddles and exasperated screams of "Otis!"

Those three years were cut short on the day Otis died. My little man was hit by a car, from the moment the vehicle slammed into him, I knew that he was gone, there was no way a little dog could survive that. He was put to sleep that day. To this day, I remember Otis, remember to honour his memory and remember all the love and happiness that he shared in his short years on this planet.

So, as I finish up here. I raise my glass and honour Otis. The best dog there was. He's sleeping with the angels now.

RIP Otis 6/1/12
Patronusmagic Patronusmagic
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I can relate to this for I have been in your situation and it is horrid.
Best wishes.