Is It Time? It Is So Hard.....

My best friend is 16. He has survived much. Recently, he gets lost in the yard and in the house; ,I have to get the leash on him to lead him "back"....and his arthritis hurts him....he has medication for that.... but it does not get rid of all the pain/discomfort. He is nearly blind and deaf. He has fallen down the 4 steps to the backyard twice this week. It is icey there, and no matter what i do, including purchasing and putting a large piece of plywood over the steps to catch the drips, the ice still builds up....I put pet safe salt down, but have to do that every 1/2 hour and even that is not always enough..
I am alone with him, i am older and disabled. It seems like both he and i are at the end......
but he still wags his tail and cuddles with me at night. He has a few accidents, but not constantly, just a few times a week.
everyone i know says he has lived a long life; it is time. But none of them are alone like i am.
I am not sure how to get by without him, and i am not sure when the "right" time is. Is there ever a right time??????
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Ep, I am going through the same questions as you, and still don't know the correct answer. I have a large lab that is 16+ and it is time to put him down, but I have said this for the past year because I didn't know when it was really the time. Well the time is now, or next Tuesday. He is not happy any more with all his old age symptoms. All my dogs in the past died on there own, they new it was time, but Jack keeps hanging on. I will be sad and lost for awhile, but I will get better every day. and so will you. You might be old and disabled, but you didn't get there by not being a strong person, and I believe God gave you that special dog because you and your friend needed each others help. Ep, is there another dog out there that needs your help?