Sherbet has been gone for three months now and it is getting easier to get through the day. I still miss her but I wont get another dog because I dont want to go through this emotional rollercoaster again. I think it is ok for others to replace their lost pets but some of us are not made for it.
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Thanks Kelly. That helped a lot. Made me feel ok about not getting another dog. Love Liz x

Know what you mean...When I was about 18, we've had a dog at home too, it was really painful to have lost him. We expected it, he was already sick for a long time. But still it hit really hard, the dog we've had has been in our lives for so long, was part of our family, and would never come back. It hurts a lot, I know....Can understand very well that you want to spare yourself from getting hurt again. Don't worry about that, you have to do what's right for you. Hugs xxx