The Worst Thing Ever.

Ted was ran over 2 years ago, his pelvis was broken and he was in bad shape. I spent a year nursing him back to health and in that time we grew a very strong bond. Little did I know that a year later I would take him to the vet, to have some denim he had eaten removed from his intestines, and find out he had Lymphoma. It was a tumor and it could not be removed. I stayed in the room when they Euthanized him and it was the worst feeling. I felt like I should have gotten a second look. Ted was 2 years and 7 months old and died from cancer. I just cant believe it.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Oh wow, that's awful. I am so sorry for your loss. One of our dogs (we have 4 furry "kids") was hit by a car or truck as a pup a few years ago. The creep that hit her didn't even stop, but another lady driver had and was at least trying to get my wounded Katye out of the roadway before I got there. My new hubby hollered that he wasn't gonna let her suffer as I passed him running. Good thinkin'; I wouldn't have allowed that either, and I thank God she wasn't hurt THAT bad. She was bruised and banged up, and she lost 2 teeth, but nothing was broken and she didn't have any internal injuries. Katye's spoiled now, totally pampered. The missing teeth haven't slowed her down a bit; she doesn't run off or play in the street. Will you get (or have you gotten) another dog to love? I hope so. Not to replace your dearly missed, but to help you both in life. I cannot imagine life without our dogs.

I'm sorry for your loss. It never gets any easier. I had to put another dog to sleep in december. It broke my heart. I have his urn on my desk so he's always with me as he was in life.