My Best Friend

I had to put my dog Laddie to sleep on Jan. 31st 2010, the worst day of my life...I had him for 12 years and he had been on medication for an enlarged heart for 10 years...He was my constant companion...where i went he went....I had always said i would never put him to sleep but that morning about 3 am he started barking at me....he was sleeping on my side so i knew something was wrong...then he had his first seizure...i called my husband because he was shaking so bad i couldnt hold him....i was hoping it would be the only one but they continued until they were non stop and i couldnt let him suffer anymore but it was the hardest thing i ever did...and even knowing i did the right thing i still blame myself.

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I am so sorry for your loss, please accept my sincerest condolences. Our animals are an extension of our family. Sometimes they even love us more than our family members! I lost my beloved cat on January 27th and I'm still crying daily. I can't stop re-thinking it all in my head. But the what if's and should have, could haves and did I do the right thing- don't help us at all. He was on medication for 10 years? You clearly did everything that you possibly could for him. In the end you, loving him so, you made an unselfish and loving decision from your heart. You took excellent care of him for many years, loved him endlessly and clearly went above and beyond for his health and comfort. If only a little, let that be of some comfort to you. It feels as though there is never a "right" thing to say to someone who's experiencing what you are at this time. Remember his good heart, how he loved you and the things he did to make you laugh. How many times he put that smile on your face or had you shaking your head..... I hope and will pray that time may ease some of the pain you're now suffering. How lucky the two of you were to have each other! All the best.......<br />

Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my mom last year. I miss her dearly and have wonderful memories of the time that I got to spend with her. <br />
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I realized that when I was missing her - I was missing her as she used to be, not as she was during the last stages when her body was giving out - I was missing her memory and what she used to be.<br />
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This helped me to deal with the situation. I hope that this may give you a little boost as well. Your best friend knew he was deteriorating, and he probably also missed the way he used to be and feel. Age happens.<br />
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You are a loving and compassionate person, and my bet is that he loved the time that he got to spend with you.<br />
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Know that you honored your dog with the same love that he honored you with.<br />
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Love the memories.<br />
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Share your love with another.

Please don't blame yourself,you did the best you could.My condolences to you.