The Baby

When I was 17, I had a nice apartment and a roommate, we decided we wanted cats. I had been speaking to a woman at the salon and another woman overheard me say I was looking for a Siamese. She said her friends cat just had kittens and no one wanted the Siamese.. so I said I would gladly take her.  We met back at the salon a week later, and I opened the box she had brought the kitty in. She wasn't exactly a Siamese, she had the coloring but only a two inch nub of a tail. I had never seen that before!  Well, I took her home and we fell in love and named her Princess, but called her Baby.

When my roommate and I parted ways, I took both the cats, we had a black named Papa that we got right after we got Baby. and about a year later  I got an orphaned kitty who I named Boogie. But this story is about Baby. 

Baby always knew when I was sad or upset and would come to sit by me and love me up. One time when I was locked out on my back porch, baby tried desperately to reach up and get the latch so she could let me back in. She was very, very smart. When Baby and Papa were about 6 years old, I was 23 and pregnant, I remember thinking "What if I don't love my child as much as I love my cats?" and vice verse. They were, of course, my fur babies but my babies none the less. When I had my daughter, Baby tried to help me take care of her. She would sit with my daughter and block her from getting off the couch and things like that.

Skip ahead a few years and we have Baby running amok through the house. She is 11 and has hyperthyroid disease. I didn't really understand everything that meant until two years ago.  She became very ill and we rushed her to the vet who told us she was in renal failure. She was 19, we nursed her back to health and she seemed to do very well until last July. She was listless, a lump, no energy. I thought "Oh my god! What happened??" Ran her back to the vet and was told that she was probably not going to make it more than a few weeks. I had them put her in IV's and after two days, she regained her appetite and the vet suggested Sub Q fluids. I HATED giving her the fluids. I knew she didn't like it very much either but I had to do it to keep her healthy. She had a few minor crisis's over the last 7 mos. but seemed to pull through them pretty well. Then..... or should I say now.. at 21 years old, she went into a crisis I couldn't pull her out of. She stopped eating a week and a half ago, and stopped drinking two days ago. She was no longer able to go potty unassisted. I tried everything I could over the last week and a half, force feeding, force drinking, extra sub Q fluids to no avail. I had to take her into the vet at 10:30 this morning and say goodbye to my companion/baby/pet that has been with me everyday for the last 21 years.

This was a difficult decision to make, I never wanted to say goodbye to my Baby. I love he so much. I don't know how long I will be spouting tears but I am sure it will be a while.

Before I took her, she looked so much better, but I knew she wasn't. When we got there I pleaded with the vet to see if there was ANYTHING I could do to make her better. Alas, there was not.  She took Baby back and put the cath. in and brought her back to us. She then gave her a sedative and let us have a few minutes with her. When she came back, she said I could hold Baby if I wanted to. I put  my sweet nubby tailed cat into my arms, gave her the last tummy rub and felt her heart stop. At that moment, I could have thrown up. It was like a kick in the stomach. I had done something I couldn't ever take back. I know somewhere in my logical mind that I don't want to take it back. I didn't want her to suffer. Emotionally, I wish she was still here purring for me.

"I cried a tear into the ocean, the day you find it is the day I'll stop missing you"

Ah! The waterspouts are on again. I thank everyone for sharing their experiences and am glad I was able to share my story even though it doesn't flow very well. Thank you

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I had 'Jetty' 14 1/2 (wonderful) years(went by to fast) ! see her pic at <br /> <br />
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Lori (dog-lover in Idaho)

I'm crying for you now. Your story touched my heart and I just don't know how I will cope when I have to say goodbye to my "baby". Hugs.

Thanks for the hugs :-)