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Goodbye Uncle Larry (3-11-10) And Grandpa Noose (4-29-10)

this was written by some girl its one of my fav poems.. :(
It was always plain to see…
you made me happy through all of my life.
you were always there for me.
though having a stroke caused you great strife,

I miss you now more then ever,
most of all i miss your face.
its a shame i wasn’t there to help you get better..
if only some one was there to be on your case,
you’d be better now… better than ever..

I wanted to see you, to hold your hand,
but my plans never did work out quite right..
I will always miss how you would stand,
deep in thought below the stars at night.

I never got to see you,
never did say good-bye…
even though you know i wanted too…
forever bound by an eternal tie…

I love you now and forever.
I will never forget you…
for we shall soon be together…
while your waiting in heaven i will come look for you…

Now as my finale words,
I leave you with only four…
it’s time to move onwards…
good-bye one…. and I love you makes four…

This poem was written by Rose M

I MIss You Guys..another year u wont b here for my birthday :'''''''(
mac22lover mac22lover 18-21, F Aug 19, 2011

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