Just Another Life Experience.

Goodbyes are always hard. But, its even harder when you never even had the chance to say it. Saying goodbye is a two way thing. Both parties acknowledge the fact that, to some degree no matter how big or small it is, the connection between them will disappear. But, since you said goodbye, you somehow already accepted that. In my case, I never had that chance. I'm not the type that communicated (texts, emails, calls) with her every 5 minutes of the day. Just some simple greetings every now and then. A good 'how'd your day go'. Our relationship was quite vague to begin with. Sorta like more than friends less than lovers. Hmm. Maybe a 'much more than friends, a little less than lovers' is more appropriate. But the status of our relationship was never clearly stated. There were no promises or anything of the like. I was ok with that, somehow already satisfied just being with her (can't say I didn't regret that). Anyway, our communication suddenly broke off. No texts, no calls, no nothing. Then one day I found out she already has a boyfriend (on facebook- pathetic). She found a boyfriend. Fancy that, she already has a boyfriend. I mean come on. At the very least she could have told me personally. At the very least she could have told me that whatever was between us was over. The twist was I was just about to confess properly and iron out our relationship. Make things official. But I took our time together for granted. And this is what happens. I'm not sure if I was ever angry at her. What upset me was how it went. I blame it mostly on my indecisiveness, but hey, no use delving on it now. What happened happened. It was great while it lasted and quite depressing when it ended. Whatcha gonna do, just another life experience.
Looking at what I wrote now, this is just me being bitter of the past. hahaha. Regardless, Let me just get this out. Goodbye Wendy. Until fate lets us meet again, see you then. :)
mrfloater mrfloater
18-21, M
Apr 4, 2012