I Had Got That Story. Lated Soul

Some years ago I was a student of the British School As you know, it is a network of language courses. I knew about my weakness in foreign languages. Sincerely speaking, it was quite hard to start write and speak in English in that way as You can see at this portal. Now, I am at the FCE level, but...I can not pass this damned exam due to malicious complications. But there is an another story. I was set into a Pre-Intermediate group in the British School in 2003 in Bielsko. Believe me...a level of those learning of languages in our public schools was really low. So, I had to find a place when the level of teaching is really good and a methodes are succesful. So I found. There was a girl among students. I remember...she was 3 yars younger than me. Simply, after a few minutes we started to talk as it seemed we are an old friend! You know...smile to smile...and we feel each other a bit closer. I remember her lovely smile when we made her a suprise due to her 18th birthday. You know this is a specific day. It was so lovely while that an atmosphere started to be rather more familiar than academical. I feel her an extremly closed to me soul and I did not know why didi it happen? I thought: "What's the hell!?...Love...charming....I" tried to fight against it, and it was succesful, but I....was still thinking...".what is going on?." After the farewell I felt so emty in soul myself that I thoughr...oh...damn it! I falled in love with her and I....didn't tell her. What's a hopeless man am I?!. I stopped thinking about her in that case. I reget I did not recognize in her real feeling, real love. After some year, a psychologist, engaged in the disabled people group's meeting when I was accessed to, tell me strightly."Weren't you the blind or the deaf?" when I told her those story. "It was a real love. You were in love". It is worse than it is named in the title of this experience. I had to say goodbye before I recognized I fell in love. Horrible sad feeling. After some years, when I met the other cute girl, who is my best friend and accidently she is also a nurse in the hospital when I was treated. It is a specific, curious feeling. That past love was so strong what determined a fact that I am out of power to start a new, real deep love. I thought...I thought...and I met her so suddenly! Only that was a trouble that I was temporary out of a force of my soul to wake up a real love. I was able to to smile sweety to her, a pain was lower. And...I was so furiously happy that there is impossible to show it in one concrete word, But...also I was unhappy because I was out of heart power.
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May 8, 2012