I lost my mother Feb of last year to breast cancer.. my father in November to cancer..then to top it all off my cat Lucas died 2 days before Christmas he was only 2...

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i'm really sorry...<br />
my mom died from breastcancer 4 yrs ago if u want u can message me.

i guess it was just hard bc it all happened in the same year.. and i didnt see or speak to my mom for 5 years.. bc she physically abused me.. i then forgave her and she died a year later. She was living in an abandoned church basment where she would use cocaine.. wich i was told also caused her death. then my dad i didnt see him for about 2 years and i seen him in the hopital he told me how much he loved and missed me and how he wanted to have a relatonship with me and the doctors said he would be fine. he was in and out of the hopspital for about 3 months.. i seen him the day he died he was breathing so loudly and i could see his heart pumping. he had lost so much weight the black panther tattoo he had on his arm was frowing and i held his had and told him i loved him he could barley get the words out.. i hope one day this all makes sense to me as to why this all had happened.

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it's really hard to say goodbye to family and pets but knowing that i had enough time to share with them the good times. it makes me think, that i will see them again in this life by the quality that they gave me and what i can share with others. love ever leaves a person unless they hurt you and by giving it's easier and they who has left us pyhsically is always with us in heart and mind.