having to say goodbye to my best friend was and is still one of the hardest things i have ever done.i felt so close to her.i do not know what happened.i looked forward to seeing her and spending time with her even if we sat in silence.i use to even lye next to her as we slept.i love to hear her snoring knowing she was dreaming and happily asleep, she had trouble sleeping.i would have done anything for matter the time.we were so close.but she betrayed me.i started seeing the lies and deceit and realised she was just using me to make her life better.i do not even know if she ever cared for me.through it all i still miss her and feel sorry for her knowing she is going crazy and doing stupid things.i want to go to her and help her like i use to.she is no longer the person i once cared for.i miss the person she use to be.
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thank you for your is sad how others treat us and do not see whats infront of them. i try to stay strong but i do struggle deeply with trust.i am so lonely but i refuse to let just anyone close to me.only those i feel are true to themselves and others with positive out look on life are worthy.i feel so lost right is so powerful.i hate living in fear and not even trusting myself.i am strong i will conquer this one day.everything takes time.i just hope it does not take too long.

It's sad how people have to change. And it's also sad how people do not see the work one does for them.

Yhats what i mean,like we are both good friends and we use each other,we help each other because we care about each other

its not nice to use someone you do not even care for and then throw them away like rubbish.true friends do help each other but also care for one another and would never be malicious and make ones life a misery and have people who like stalking call in the middle of the night and say how they know every move you make and watch you all the best friend is a sick person who needs help.she does not know the meaning of friendship.sometimes i wonder if anyone can truelly be friends and be kind hearted about it with no agenda.i do know there are some nice people in this world but it is rare.i hope when people meet such nice friends they treat them right and with the respect they deserve.she was nothing but friend of mine :(

Its not so bad to use a person to better ones life.Didnt you do the same?Our lifes are better when we have friends to share with.It works both ways.I know that cant be the only reason.Im sad that you lost Someone that you thought was a friend.I know the feeling.I have been blocked twice by persons that i thought were friends.They werent close friends but it still hurts.