High School Sports Physical

I was a freshman in high school, and I had just been chosen to be on the Junior Varsity soccer team. I was happy and excited.
After enduring harsh tryouts and awkward physical challenges that included coaches checking to see if we were wearing our cups by making us line up, single file and one by one go up to him and pull open our shorts so he could see down them and check if , A) we were wearing a jock strap and B) if our cup was on. That meant he would look down to see our jock, and then knock on our groin area to hear the cup. Well as I said, I made it. Next was the state mandatory physical. The whole team was scheduled to go to see a team doctor.
So one Saturday morning my Mom drives me to the team physician. Its an old family care physicians office. The outside of the building looked like someones grandparents home but inside it was a casual office. I waited in the waiting room as teammates slowly checked in.
Finally the nurse called my name and four others. We were to be seen in groups. I was a little nervouse cause I didn't want to be naked with a bunch of other guys. I was nervouse cause I was at that age when the slightest breaze made me hard. I didn't know if the doctor was female or male or what was going to happen.
The five of us get escorted to a hall way where an older nurse takes our height and wieght. We are then told to take off our shirts and wait for the doctor and they have us sit in chairs allong the hall way infront of the doctors one exam room. There are guys going in and out of the room and being lead into another room with a young spanish nurse. I'm getting nervouse, but next thing I know it's my turn. I go in and pass one of the seniors coming out. He's in his underwear and gets lead to the other room by the young nurse. He's lead into a room that says X-Ray on the door. So now I have that to look forward to. I've never had x-rays done so that kind of freaked me out a little. The doctor, and older man in his fifties calls me in and asks me my name. He goes over my folder mumbling to him self. He has me turn around and touch my toes. He runs his finger down my back. Checking for abnormalities and scholiosis. He does the regular check up stuff. Ears, nose, mouth and chest. He says that's wierd. And tells me I have a heart murmur. Asks me if I know what that is. I said no. He asked if it hurts when I play? I said no. He says good. Then writes stuff in my folder and with his back turned to me says drop your pants please.
I undo my pants and drop them to my knees. He turns around and see's me there in my underwear, looks up at me for just a second then turns back around and says...Those too. I nervously comply and peel off my tighty wighties. He turns around and says... OK, lets have a look. First thing he says is , Oh, your not circumcized. You need to keep that clean young man.
Now, I'm young and nervouse and the thought of anyone looking at my penis is exciting. Much less talking about it. So I know i'm gonn'a get an erection and be made fun of. I was thinking this old man's going to think I'm gay and tell everyone and that's it for me in high school. I start chanting to myself, don't get hard, don't get hard. He then says, When I tell you, I want you to turn your head and cough.
Now, you might have read my previous story about seeing a doctor and getting my privates examined as a young boy, that was different than this. I've never had this done. Later I found out this was a hernia test. I always wonder why they don't tell us what they're going to do. And what its for. But anyway, back to the exam... He pushes to cold fingers inside my groin area. He's ot squeezing my balls or anything but really pushing up into the scrotum area, and tells me to, OK, cough! Again... he says. I do, then he does the other side, Cough agin please. I do. He says Good! Now lets look at that penis. He takes hold of my penis, and is surprisingly gentle with it. He rolls the foreskin back just a little to see the tip of the head. I start to feel myself growing. I look down and see my penis jumping to my heart beat in his palm like a fish out of water. I turn bright read. I say Sorry, He says, That's normal, then takes his finger and wipes the tip of my pee hole and says, No discharge, Good! And turns around and writes in my folder. You can put your shorts on leave your pants and shirt off and the nurse will take your X-Ray. He gets up and opens the door.
I'm still naked with a hard on when the young nurse walks in. She kind of smiles and says I'll take you as soon as your ready.
I almost fall to the floor reaching for my underpants. I'm so embarassed. She's watching me the whole time. She's holding the door open for the next guy to come in and I barely get them up as another player walks in.
The Nurse tells me to grab my clothes and follow her. She puts her hand on my naked shoulder and leads my to the X-Ray room.
She asks me if I'm nervouse and I said yes. She says I have nothing to worry about, and to take off my shoes. Socks were ok.
The room is dark and there's a large slab like table in the middle of the room and a partition and a booth off to the side.
She asks me if this is my first time? I think to myself what? first time I've let a pretty woman look at my hard on, yes. But I know she meant X-Ray, and musterred out a Yes. She positions me behind the partition and has me put my chest as flat as I can to the board. She says were' gonna take a quick picture of you chest ok. Her touch is so soft and she rubbs my back a little and conforts me by saying, Everythings going to be fine. The slab is cold and she walks away. I can smell how good she smells as she walks into the booth thing. I hear her talk to me over a speaker. She takes two X-Rays like this then tells me to relax. She comes out of the booth and walks towards me. You're still...ahem, nervouse, I see. I hadn't realized it but all her touching and caressing had caused me to still be as hard as a rock. And she let me know it. I was so uncomfortable I didn't say anything. What could I say?
She then moved to the bed/slab/table thing and asked me to come over. I tried to cover my crotch with both hands and walked to her.
She asked me to hop on top of the table and lay flat and still. She reached under the table and pulled out what I can only describe as a mini bulletproof vest. It was made of cloth, but heavy. Like it was filled with sand. She says it's a lead protector for my boys and places it over my erect groin area. She takes a couple steps away then pauses. Comes back to me and says you look like you need help putting it on. I'm not sure what she meant, I didn't know what to do with it. She grabs it, then pulls open my under wear And takes a good look at my penis. She slides her hand in and grabs my testicles. She gives them a squeeze. She rolls them in her palm alittle. This hurts but feels SOOOOO good. She looks me in the eyes, and says, These are what we need to protect, understand?
She then lets go and starts to stuff the lead shield thing into my underwear. She pulls my penis left and right to make it fit. Then grabs my balls again and pulls on the a little. Again making them fit into the pocket she's made of the shield. She adjusts me like this for a bit and I'm breathing harder and harder. I'm afraid I'm going to *** all over her hands. She see's me reacting and tells me to stay quiet and lay still. She then takes her hands out of my underwear and puts them on top. Checking if the devise is on right. She asks me how does it feel? Is it comfortable? I said it feels fine. thank you. She asks me if I'm sure it fits ok? And then slides her hand back under my underwear and grabs my **** hard and firm. Her nails dig into it a little. She then quickly pulls down on my foreskin, all the way down to my balls. She asks me, You sure this isn't better? Then pulls up, then violently down again, Or this? OMG, Idon't know if anyone else here is uncircumcised but that is a sensation beyond belief. to this day, as an adult I crave that feeling of having my **** jacked hard and the skin held all the way down! She must have seen the expression on my face, cause she asked me if it hurt? I said no. It's good. She says, Good. and lets go of me and walks away towards the booth. My ears are ringing and I hear her over the speaker, Now lye still we need to take a couple more pictures then you're done. What the hell? She takes the X-Rays, Comes out of the booth and tells me it's ok to get up and get dressed. I'm so confussed that I do just that. I start to get dressed I still have the lead shield thing in my pants and am fighting to get my pants over my throbing erect **** and the shield! She walks towards me and says I'm going to need that back. Pointing to the shield. Oh my god, Sorry I said and reached in and pull it out. My **** is out and hard right in front of her and I start thinking she's going to do more to it/me. Instead she turns away and says Thank you, Your done, you can go back to the waiting room.
I got dressed quickly, and stumbled past her to the door. Then down the hall I saw everyone else waiting to be examined. My head was kind of spinning and I went down the now endless hallway. i felt everyone was staring at me. I made it to the waiting room and to my mom. She was already signing my paperwork. She looked at me and asked if everything was ok. I said, yeah fine, lets just get out of here. She finished up the paperwork and we left. The car trip home was quiet. except for the occasional, you sure you are ok? from mom.

When I got to school on Monday I asked the first guy I knew if he had anything strange happen to him durring the physical. They said no. I asked like ten guys about the X-Ray. Did anything wierd happen. No one had a story to share. I'm not too sure what that was all about, but it lead to many nights of pleasant dreams. That's why I think I have a thing for Doctors and Nurses
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Sounds like you two had a special moment. Would you have let her take it further?

Yeah, i remember from middleschool/junior high being very wierd. Like it was ok for teachers and coaches to see the boys naked. Girls were treated way differently. I got into a fight in grade school and got kicked in the nuts. It was my teacher that took me to the office copy room and had me drop my pants in front of her and she felt my balls and asked if i was hurt. She wasn't a nurse or anything. <br />
Very starnge and erotic at the same time. I still have mixed feelings.

What a wild experience. I remember gym class where the coach had to hand us our towels out of the shower. Then in Junior high a buddy of mine told me how the coach had them all line up beside the pool fully nude side by side. And then checked them out for something. I remember getting a physical in highschool at the doctors office and the nurse had me nude for the whole time. I got erect and she kept brushing up against me ****. I thought I was going to *** any second.