Do People Need To Know They're Dying If Everyone Around Them Knows?

She was sick with cancer for many years and when it decided to speed up and kill her, she did not seem to realize it. She kept talking abut future plans, about "next Christmas", about what we could do when she could walk again... I am the youngest in the family and felt she really needed to know, everyone was sort of keeping this big secret from her because they couldn't bear telling her the truth. I had to tell her what the Dr had said. And she accepted it, she actually accepted it and changed the way she was living and relating to everything - she had the best few weeks of her life! But then she sunk lower, and forgot, and started talking about the future again. I probably could have just left it at that but I could not bear feeling like I was lying to her. It was hard.
hairybo hairybo
May 6, 2012